Drywall Installations on the 5th Floor at Aqualina

Precast for the Aqualina community is now complete and window installations are 97% complete. Suite channeling, which is the wall framing, is being installed on the 7th floor, while drywall boarding is on the 5thfloor.

Real Condo Life: Mini “Musk” Moments

GUEST BLOG FROM REAL CONDO LIFE: Written by: Andrea DelZottoFollow Andrea on Twitter Some people say that they learn from their customers. Others, like Elon Musk, show that he not only learns from them, but acts on their ideas. Recently, Musk “made good” on a customer idea posted on twitter and went from ““from idea […]

Caring for Your Quartz & Granite Countertops

Our Latest Maintenance Minute Talks Countertop Care Natural stone countertops, like granite and quartz, are popular for their beauty and durability. But proper maintenance is essential to ensure the longevity and beauty of your countertops. Our short Maintenance Minute explains how to keep your natural stone countertops looking their best, from regular cleaning to preventing […]