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My Condo Stories icon Will you like living in a condo? How are the neighbours? Is there enough space?

These questions and more run through the head of a first-time condo buyer. It can be stressful to choose a new home and most buyers want to know what it’s really like living in a condo.

That’s why has launched My Condo Stories. It’s a forum for condo owners and dwellers to describe condo living — the good and the bad.

“One of the other things that I really love is the sense of family and community,” writes member Lawrence Onyango. “I have really nice neighbors and the couple that lives next to me has a little girl who reminds me of my niece, whom I don’t get to see that often.”

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What kind of home does a condo make?

There are a few stories available to read so far, but you’re encouraged to send in your own condo story.

More from My Condo Stories:

Condominium living is very appealing for those who are young professionals wanting to experience the downtown urban feel of a city. It’s great when your condo home is nearby the best restaurants and bars. You can always walk home, and you never have the dreaded search for parking, which in most cities is never free. The benefits of living downtown in a condo let you experience city living at its best. – Shannon Pike

We are living as a nuclear unit and the space provided by our condo suits us perfectly. Everyone can find a condo suited to their needs it’s just a matter of looking. There are schools and grocery stores right round the corner and a twenty four seven convenience store right at the ground floor. I can easily say I have been converted from bungalow living to a more urban and chic condo living for life. – Subhadra Kashyap

What would be your condo story? Is it everything you expected it would be? Let us know in the comments or submit your own condo story.

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