Young BILDers Forum — “When X Meets Y”

“Notwithstanding the complexities, it is a rewarding career,” says Stephen Upton, Tridel’s Vice President of Development. “I encourage young professionals who have a chosen a career path in land development to look at all your options and take the path that will give you the greatest satisfaction in achieving your goals.”

Upton is one of five industry professionals that will be speaking at the Young BILDers Forum “When X Meets Y” tomorrow morning.

The Young BILDers Committee was started by BILD because “[y]ounger members seemed less connected with their older colleagues, and were often left uninformed about industry events,” BILD Chair Paul Golini Jr. told Metro News.

“I wanted to reach out to this group to make sure their voices and ideas are expressed, without fear or intimidation from their older, more established colleagues,” said Golini. “This Committee is a vehicle to bring together younger members of the industry across the membership to focus on issues important to young BILD leaders.”

Stephen Upton will be speaking about how he started his career with the borough of North York’s planning department before moving into the private sector.

“I was given the opportunity to work for DelZotto Zorzi LPP on the legal side of issues,” says Upton. “Then I moved to Tridel to work on their land development portfolio and manage the development process and approvals for their various sites through all levels of governmental agencies.”

He will talk about how the development approval process has become much more complex. And also how to establish a career in the industry.

More information on the event:

Young BILDers Forum

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