300 Front Street West – behind the scenes site tour

300 front logo 300 Front Street West is completely transforming the corner of Front and John in Downtown Toronto. This intersection is already a major tourist hub, with the CN tower, Rogers Centre and CBC all within eyesight, and 300 Front will be sure to make an impact, further cementing Toronto’s position as a world-class city.

I visited the site a couple weeks ago to get a behind-the-scenes look at how construction is going. And with the temperature in the high 20s and clear skies, it was a great photo opp!

The Automatic Climbing System (ACS) is fully installed (the red Tridel sections along the top). This system encloses the top of the building, speeding up construction, ensuring higher levels of safety for workers and the area, as construction materials are stopped from being blown off the building. [Read more about the ACS]

This is the west side of the building. The CN tower makes a great backdrop!

Working on the top of the 13th floor of the tower.

The ACS as seen from the inside. Good protection against the elements.

The view looking east from the ninth floor of the tower. So much of Toronto city life right below you. Can you imagine what the views will be like on the upper floors?

The interior partioning work has begun. Beautiful big windows!

The tower lobby, amazing height to the ceilings.

There are suites available at 300 Front Street West, visit the website, call 416-217-0300 or drop in at the presentation centre at 560 Front Street West (Tridel’s Reve community) to learn more.

More photos:

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