Condo Talk – Why You Need Homeowners Insurance

Do you need homeowners insurance for a condominium home? The short answer is yes. Aren’t you already insured by the condominium corporations insurance? The answer is yes and no. Our latest CONDO TALK video explains the differences between your condo corporations insurance and homeowners’ insurance, including what each type of insurance covers, what it does not […]

A Maintenance Minute on How to Operate Your Thermostat.

Your condo feels warm and cozy but your fancoil keeps turning on and off? Wondering how to program your thermostat to conserve energy by dropping the temperature during the day, and warming in the evening? Just haven’t gotten around to doing anything with your thermostat? Then this Maintenance Minute is for you. Our latest video […]

Tips on celebrating the Holidays in your Condo Home.

The Holiday Season has Arrived The temperatures have dropped. The first snow has fallen, the Toronto Santa Claus parade has delighted children, and Toronto’s Christmas Market in the Distillery District is bustling with early shoppers.  The holiday season has officially arrived. And while the Holiday season does tend to get hectic, with parties to attend, […]

Halloween is approaching! Tips for partaking in some ghoulish fun in your condo home.

It’s that time of year when little monsters, superheros, ghouls and faeries take to the streets, extorting treats from delighted neighbours – it’s Halloween. If you’re new to condominium living and aren’t sure how Trick or Treating works in a high rise, you don’t necessarily have to miss out on the fun! The decision on Trick […]

Changing Seasons Means Changing Your In-Suite Climate Control System

As the seasons change, so do the climate control systems in your home and community. Condominium communities using fan coils systems have a “change over” from air conditioning in the summer to heating systems in the fall. The “change over” date varies by community and is often based on lifestyle preferences and previous resident feedback. […]

Recycling and Waste in your Condominium

We believe in making recycling as easy as possible.  That’s why new Tridel communities are designed with a “tri-sorter” or “bi-sorter” garbage chute.  It’s a simple way to help make recycling in your condo home as easy as possible. Our last Maintenance Minute video explains how to use your tri-sorter properly, so this week we’re tackling […]

Talking Trash in our newest Maintenance Minute.

We take green living seriously. That’s why we make recycling in your condominium home as easy as throwing out your trash. Did you know that the “garbage chute” in your condominium community is actually a tri-sorter that allows you to recycle in one convenient location?  If you’ve ever lived in an older apartment building like […]

Talking Maintenance Fees in our latest Condo Talk

How Maintenance Fees are Determined? We admit it might not be the most exciting topic, but it is certainly an important one to understand. Our latest Condo Talk video tackles the topic of Maintenance Fees; what they are, what they pay for and how the associated costs are determined for each homeowner.     Our Condo […]

What are Maintenance Fees?

Wondering exactly what those “maintenance fees” are and how they’re created? Not clear on why some people have to pay more than others and what you’re actually paying for? Our latest Condo Talk video explains.     Condos are a popular choice for new home buyers today but, there’s a lot more to buying and […]

Condo Talk: How to Find a Lawyer

Condos are a popular choice for new home buyers today but, there’s a lot more to buying and owning a new condo than many people realize. As one of Canada’s top builders, Tridel has built over 80,000 new homes and our sales and customer service representatives respond to questions every day on a wide range […]