Real Condo Life: Mini “Musk” Moments

GUEST BLOG FROM REAL CONDO LIFE: Written by: Andrea DelZottoFollow Andrea on Twitter Some people say that they learn from their customers. Others, like Elon Musk, show that he not only learns from them, but acts on their ideas. Recently, Musk “made good” on a customer idea posted on twitter and went from ““from idea […]

Caring for Your Quartz & Granite Countertops

Our Latest Maintenance Minute Talks Countertop Care Natural stone countertops, like granite and quartz, are popular for their beauty and durability. But proper maintenance is essential to ensure the longevity and beauty of your countertops. Our short Maintenance Minute explains how to keep your natural stone countertops looking their best, from regular cleaning to preventing […]

Condo Talk – Why You Need Homeowners Insurance

Do you need homeowners insurance for a condominium home? The short answer is yes. Aren’t you already insured by the condominium corporations insurance? The answer is yes and no. Our latest CONDO TALK video explains the differences between your condo corporations insurance and homeowners’ insurance, including what each type of insurance covers, what it does not […]

Congratulations to the Tridel Take Action Team

Over the last two years, employees of Tridel and our sister companies have been focused on raising money under the guidance of the Tridel Take Action team, to reach its fundraising goal of $10,000 to build a Free the Children school in Los Rios, Ecuador. With the generous support and commitment of our entire organization, […]

Tips on Preparing your Condominium Home For a Winter Trip.

The holidays are over, decorations have been put away and visiting family and friends have returned to their daily routines….. It’s that time of year again, when many of us flee the frigid temperatures and head to warmer climates. While the condominium lifestyle has a lot of benefits, (warm amenities to enjoy so close to […]

Opportunities of a city builder

GUEST BLOG FROM REAL CONDO LIFE: Contrary to the “senior’s moments” aka memory lapse that more of us seem to be suffering from these days, we often have another cognitive impairment that’s quite the contrary. I like to refer to it as memory “magnitude.” It’s where we hear, read or think about something that seems […]

A Maintenance Minute on How to Operate Your Thermostat.

Your condo feels warm and cozy but your fancoil keeps turning on and off? Wondering how to program your thermostat to conserve energy by dropping the temperature during the day, and warming in the evening? Just haven’t gotten around to doing anything with your thermostat? Then this Maintenance Minute is for you. Our latest video […]

Winter Fun at BLOORVISTA

The charming boutique shops, cafes and restaurants along The Kingsway on Bloor are even more beautiful when decorated with the twinkling lights and festive decorations of the holiday season. This residential area, located in Toronto’s west end, just west of the historic Old Mill Inn and Spa, features all the winter activities you desire – without […]

The “Perfect” Shops for your “Parfait” Home.

While North York may not be your first destination when you’re looking for those funky and / or fabulous furniture statement pieces (you know the ones, those extraordinary pieces that lift a room and make your friends wondrously envious), we found some hidden gems! After doing a little investigative shopping, we’ve discovered a few select stores that […]

Tips on celebrating the Holidays in your Condo Home.

The Holiday Season has Arrived The temperatures have dropped. The first snow has fallen, the Toronto Santa Claus parade has delighted children, and Toronto’s Christmas Market in the Distillery District is bustling with early shoppers.  The holiday season has officially arrived. And while the Holiday season does tend to get hectic, with parties to attend, […]