Condo Talk – Why You Need Homeowners Insurance

Do you need homeowners insurance for a condominium home? The short answer is yes. Aren’t you already insured by the condominium corporations insurance? The answer is yes and no. Our latest CONDO TALK video explains the differences between your condo corporations insurance and homeowners’ insurance, including what each type of insurance covers, what it does not […]

Tips on Preparing your Condominium Home For a Winter Trip.

The holidays are over, decorations have been put away and visiting family and friends have returned to their daily routines….. It’s that time of year again, when many of us flee the frigid temperatures and head to warmer climates. While the condominium lifestyle has a lot of benefits, (warm amenities to enjoy so close to […]

A Maintenance Minute on How to Operate Your Thermostat.

Your condo feels warm and cozy but your fancoil keeps turning on and off? Wondering how to program your thermostat to conserve energy by dropping the temperature during the day, and warming in the evening? Just haven’t gotten around to doing anything with your thermostat? Then this Maintenance Minute is for you. Our latest video […]

A Little Home Maintenance – Winterizing your Hose Bib

Shorter days and colder temperatures have arrived. That’s right, winter is upon us. And with the colder temperatures, comes some homeowner maintenance responsibilities to protect your home. If you condominium home has an outdoor terrace, there is one important but simple homeowner maintenance step you need to do before the freezing temperatures arrive – winterize […]

The Silver Tsunami. Get ready Canada.

Guest blog post from Real Condo Life: Last month, I had the pleasure of attending an ORCA educational day with our DelManor team. Dr. Brian Goldman started off the session and, whether intentionally or not, gave the crowd a reality check on the silver tsunami that’s heading our way… as well as the dementia epidemic that accompanies it.     There […]

P3 Level Pour Almost Complete at Trio at Atria

October 2016 Construction Update. The P3 parking level is 90% complete with the concrete pour at the Trio community. Production has started for the precast panels, the exterior skin of the building, and windows are anticipated to start production at the end of this year.

Kitchens Being Installed on the 25th Floor at Alto and Parkside

Drywall is currently being installed on the 37th floor at the Alto and Parkside community. Tile installations are on the 27th & 28th floors, kitchens on the 25th, granite countertops on the 22nd and flooring on the 18th floor.

5th Floor Being Formed at Sherwood at Huntington

October 2016 Construction Update Our construction team at Sherwood at Huntington is currently pouring concrete for the 4th and 5th floor slabs, while our Decor consultants are finalizing all electrical and mechanical layout changes for the Penthouse and Grand Penthouse floors. All suites that have not completed their decor selections will be contacted within the […]