Congratulations to Two Old Mill on achieving LEED® Gold!

Nestled between the shops and restaurants of two of Toronto’s most prestigious and historic neighbourhoods – The Kingsway on Bloor and Bloor West Village – and mere minutes from the Bloor subway line, Two Old Mill joins it’s neighbour, One Old Mill, in achieving LEED® Gold certification. LEED® certified buildings are built in a sustainable way, put less […]

Recycling and Waste in your Condominium

We believe in making recycling as easy as possible.  That’s why new Tridel communities are designed with a “tri-sorter” or “bi-sorter” garbage chute.  It’s a simple way to help make recycling in your condo home as easy as possible. Our last Maintenance Minute video explains how to use your tri-sorter properly, so this week we’re tackling […]

Talking Trash in our newest Maintenance Minute.

We take green living seriously. That’s why we make recycling in your condominium home as easy as throwing out your trash. Did you know that the “garbage chute” in your condominium community is actually a tri-sorter that allows you to recycle in one convenient location?  If you’ve ever lived in an older apartment building like […]

3 Steps to Selecting a Truly Green Condo

Buying your condo will be one of the most important investments of your life and will also play a significant role in your ability to live a green lifestyle. Today’s top condo developers take care to cultivate communities that are well maintained and environmentally responsible. They put great thought towards building high-quality condos with minimal […]

How Green Condos Contribute to Eco-Friendly Lifestyles

Choosing to call a condo home naturally facilitates your ability to perform daily tasks in a more sustainable manner. But, not all condo buildings are truly built green. This is why it is vital to research the developer thoroughly before purchasing a condo. Condos that are built green are proven to: Dramatically reduce greenhouse gas […]

An Environmental Journey

  Looking to the Future Remember way back in the year 2000?  It was a new decade, a new century, and a new millennium.  While many were breathing a sigh of relief that the Y2K threat had passed without the promised chaos, here at Tridel, we were looking to the future.  And it was green. That’s […]

What Condo Builders Who Lead the Pack Do Best

Toronto’s condo market is hot. More people are moving to Toronto and choosing to live in condos in favor of convenience and lifestyle factors and this trend is only going to increase over the next twenty five years. There’s a lot of market share to be won by builders and they’re competing hard to earn […]

5 Reasons why Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is important for the Condominium Industry

CSR (or Sustainability) reports have become popular for large, multi-national, public companies over the past several years. The trend is a positive one and in some European countries, all publicly traded companies are regulated to disclose information such as carbon emissions. However, only 18% of all the CSR reports produced in North America were private […]

Our First Corporate Social Responsibility Report

We understand that in today’s world, transparency is crucial.  That is why we are so proud to deliver Tridel’s very first Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Report. What is CSR?  Strictly speaking, it is defined as the voluntary activities undertaken by a company to operate in an economic, social and environmentally sustainable manner.*  Essentially, being a […]

Thank You!

It was with great pride that we accepted 7 Awards at the 36th Annual BILD Awards Gala; including the Home Builder of the Year (Mid/High Rise)!  Home Builder of the Year is considered the most prestigious honour presented to a developer, as it recognizes leadership in the industry and a dedication to innovation, quality and customer care, […]