Opportunities of a city builder

GUEST BLOG FROM REAL CONDO LIFE: Contrary to the “senior’s moments” aka memory lapse that more of us seem to be suffering from these days, we often have another cognitive impairment that’s quite the contrary. I like to refer to it as memory “magnitude.” It’s where we hear, read or think about something that seems […]

Real Condo Life: “City Thinking” like an 8 year old

Guest Blog from Real Condo Life: As a parent, I consider it my responsibility to expose my kids to an abundance of activities in the hopes of finding one that “sticks.” For my eldest two sons, it was pretty simple and they gravitated to a couple of sports quite magnetically. The youngest brother however… not […]

The Silver Tsunami. Get ready Canada.

Guest blog post from Real Condo Life: Last month, I had the pleasure of attending an ORCA educational day with our DelManor team. Dr. Brian Goldman started off the session and, whether intentionally or not, gave the crowd a reality check on the silver tsunami that’s heading our way… as well as the dementia epidemic that accompanies it.     There […]

Show Up!

Guest blog post from Real Condo Life: I’ve heard the same (familiar) message too many times this week to ignore it:  The more you put into something, the more you get out. The first occurrence was at my son’s school, the second at a newly delivered community and the third, of course, on social. In the first […]

The Best Part of my Job

Guest blog post from Real Condo Life: Sometimes the best part of being in the condo development business is actually getting on site. Okay – often the best part. Today was one of those days. And it’s beyond “often”… it’s always, that you walk away with a tremendous appreciation, respect and pride, for all of […]