Your new home orientation is an opportunity for you to learn hands on how your home functions and to identify any items that need to be corrected or adjusted.

During this visit you’ll learn about:
  • The operation of the home’s components.
  • Responsibilities for maintenance.
  • Warranty coverage and procedures on how to submit concerns.
  • The condominium community at large.
Similar to when you purchase something new that requires upkeep, you often have to read a manual to understand all of the product features. Your home has many operating parts, and therefore many manuals and maintenance responsibilities. It’s truly a time saving and value added component of your home buying experience to have your Customer Care Representative explain everything in a condensed yet thorough manner. Your manuals can serve as a supplement when you require additional detail or as a ‘refresher.’

Home Orientation/ Pre-Delivery Inspection


For your new condominium, this inspection, known as the homeowner orientation is part of your warranty coverage, under the TARION Warranty Corporation. The walkthrough is extremely detailed, ensuring that your new home matches all of the specifications outlined in your Agreement of Purchase and Sale. It is also a thorough room by room orientation, actively searching for any damaged or missing items, in which you inspect all hard surfaces of your home, including countertops, cupboards, floors, walls and ceilings. The technical operation and maintenance is also explained through hands on learning.


The orientation typically occurs two weeks before you take occupancy of your new home, and lasts between one to two hours. The two-week gap allows adequate time to correct most of the concerns that are noted at the appointment. It is during this time frame prior to you taking occupancy, that trades enter your home and complete the majority of your requests. Although we make every attempt to have your home complete at the time of occupancy, there are often circumstances such as limited craftsmen or material delays, which postpone the correction of concerns within your suite.

Appointments generally take place during normal business hours while both Customer Care and Construction personnel are on-site. If you have a schedule that won’t permit you to attend during these times, we’ll arrange an after hours or weekend appointment for you.

Please note that the Orientation never occurs after you have occupied the home.


Firstly, to be certain that the physical construction of your home meets your expectations and secondly, to ensure that your home is safe, functional and comfortable. Most importantly, it will help you identify symptoms, causes and cures for potential concerns within your home before they start and to avoid costly repairs.

Your home is one of the most expensive and important purchases you’ll ever make. However, Once you buy a home, you also have the responsibility to maintain it, repair it, anticipate problems and pay bills. This is why it’s best to know as much as you can about how your home works, inside and out. There’s also the consideration that problems arising from homeowner neglect are not covered under warranty.


Home Orientation is a discipline that requires special training, knowledge and communication skills. A Tridel Customer Care Representative, with proven ability and experience that has been properly trained by our Warranty Supervisor who has been with us for over 25 years, will conduct your Orientation.

Your Representative will be willing to answer any questions you may have and clarify the limitations of the warranties etc., to avoid misunderstandings.


It’s recommended that the homebuyers themselves attend the inspection, though you may bring one or two people at a maximum. Although we appreciate how excited you are to see your new home, this is not the ideal time to show family and friends the home or to be distracted.

We urge you to pay attention to detail, as there is a lot to be learned during the Homeowner Orientation. As a result, it can be a valuable and intensive learning experience. We emphasize that this is our time dedicated to you and your new home.

We encourage you to ask questions and will extend the length of the appointment if necessary.


• CHECKLIST – We have an Orientation checklist to ensure that nothing is overlooked. This helps standardize our process and ensure that you haven’t missed anything. Please be certain that your Customer Care Representative utilizes this during your appointment.

• CCP FORM – The Certificate of Completion and Possession is required by the TARION Warranty Corporation and is necessary to close your suite. During the inspection, the warranty sticker in the CCP is removed and placed on the electrical panel in your new home. Once you’ve completed your inspection, you’ll be asked to sign the CCP. You will be given a copy of the CCP form and one copy will be sent to TARION Warranty Corporation to activate your warranty.

• HOME INSPECTION FORM – Any concerns you have during your orientation will be carefully documented and entered into our electronic database to ensure efficient correction. This is a written report consolidating all the details of your walkthrough that require attention. You will also be provided with a copy of this form for your records.

• HOME CARE GUIDE – This invaluable guide includes instructional information on manufacturer’s information for certain items within your home etc. Example, alarm panel, thermostat. It should be referred to often and before calling Customer Care. We suggest you review it leisurely to familiarize and orient yourself with the various aspects of your new home.


You should review your Agreement of Purchase and Sale, including the finishes and features specifications, as well as any upgraded items. Also, if you like, bring them to your appointment. You’ll want to ensure that all of the extras, upgrades and options have been completed in your new home. We remind you to dress appropriately for the occasion, including wearing proper footwear. Remember that you are on a construction site and the Orientation covers the entire home, inside and out. Occasionally, some of the common areas may still be under construction, prohibiting access.


Our on-site representatives attend to warranted deficiencies submitted through written forms during the warranty period. The Customer Care Office remains physically on-site months after the majority of homeowners are moved in, and is then transferred to our Head office, which you will receive notification of.


Our next visit after you’ve moved in is the Home Care and Warranty Review. It ensures that you have working knowledge of all of your home’s technical maintenance requirements and provides another opportunity to follow up on any outstanding concerns. We’ll notify you for this appointment after you’ve gotten settled into your new home.


There’s a lot to discover at a new community, and we’ve learned that the best way to learn about your new community is to actually live in it. In addition, and to make your transition a smooth one, Tridel and Del Property Management have developed a workshop to help answer any questions you may have about your community’s procedures, regulations, services, facilities, and more. It’s an easy way to grasp what you can expect from your new home and in return, what your home expects from you.