Modern, Sophisticated Condo Living In Historic Old Mill

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These stunningly large residences will provide the kind of freedom and space you’re used to in your own home. Three unique suite collections feature open-concept floorplans, Irpinia Signature kitchens, an exquisite array of finishes and your choice of the finest stone countertops.

Located in the delightful Old Mill pocket bordering the Humber River, Two Old Mill seamlessly blends old-world opulence in a new world environment – steps from the charm and convenience of the Kingsway and Bloor West Village.

Love the Bloor West neighbourhood? Now there’s no need to leave it. Downsize without compromise by moving into a spacious large residence at Two Old Mill.

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Area History

In 1793, Governor John Graves Simcoe established the town of York (now known as Toronto), and ordered the construction of Toronto’s first industrial building, the King’s Mill, on the bank of the Humber River in Old Mill. The mill’s purpose was to produce lumber for Fort York and the burgeoning township of York, which lead to the establishment of one of York’s earliest communities in Old Mill.

European pioneers settled around the mill throughout the 1790s, creating a Toronto neighbourhood now rich in history and old-world heritage. While King’s Mill was destroyed by fire, the location on the bank of the Humber River proved ideal for the milling industry and mills continued to be built in this location throughout the 1800s.

In 1914, an entrepreneur named Robert Home Smith opened the landmark Old Mill Tea Garden restaurant, which attracted the city’s elite to enjoy fine food and entertainment. The Old Mill was also the location of the Home Smith and Company Sales Office, and Home Smith developed this neighbourhood throughout the 1920s and 1930s, leaving us with many of the stately homes this distinguished Toronto community is known for to this very day.