Jack DelZotto, the founder of our company, left us a legacy and a challenge. He left us a tradition of integrity, honesty, professionalism and teamwork. A heritage of excellence that is now our commitment and passion as Tridel employees to pass on. Jack’s ambition was not to just construct a building, it was to create homes with a sense of purpose. It was a deep and meaningful vision. It was to build community both in the workplace and in our beautiful city.

At our core, we are a group of dedicated, passionate, creative individuals who want to make a positive social impact and make a meaningful difference in how people live. This type of thinking has allowed us to become modern-day trailblazers. It has allowed us to thrive for over 85 years and to deliver over 85,000 homes to families across the Greater Toronto Area. We look forward to the next 85, with Jack’s original mission and purpose in heart and mind.

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Our name comes from Jack DelZotto whose three sons — Angelo, Elvio and Leo, put the “tri” in Tridel and in the triangle that symbolizes both our unity and strength. Our iconic D is embedded in each of the Tridel Group of Companies‘ logos. It is a powerful image that reinforces the integrity of our Built for Life brand which is not just a basic trademark but rather a ‘trustmark’ that inspires our employees and customers to the larger brand promise of the Tridel community.


Our community of employees started with Angelo, Elvio, Leo and Harvey, the “four brothers” who did whatever it takes to carry on Jack’s legacy. The principals that guided them were based on teamwork, open communication and commitment to each other’s shared success. This is how they influenced our industry and redefined us as more than just a builder.

They changed the way people interact with our city. They developed the Tridel brand beyond construction to the Tridel Group of Companies, which expands our ability to provide market-leading experiences for our customers.

While our city changed and grew, so did their understanding of what is takes to be a leader. Just as they learned from Jack, we have learned from them.

They taught us the value of our collective impact and that no one is an expert at everything; success relies on everyone’s talent.

They taught us that to remain competitive, we must always challenge the status quo; a problem today becomes tomorrow’s innovation.

They taught us that the most valuable ideas come from our COMMUNITY of employees and customers; get to know them and build relationships.

They believed that a brand is built from the inside out and while it is Tridel that gets the spotlight, it is the people that build the brand.


At Tridel, we have a unique way of doing business which allows us to remain agile, relevant and strong. We have an all-star team of seasoned industry professionals that represent and guide the day-to-day professional management of our organization.

It’s the fusion of entrepreneurial spirit from our founders, long-term vision, and our impeccable execution that has allowed us to consistently lead the way and strive for ever increasing standards of excellence in our industry. It is by encouraging and sponsoring new ideas from the next generation of leaders that we continue to be the first to market with a new range of innovative products and services.

This synergistic approach, combined with a clarity of shared purpose, leads to year-over-year, decade-after-decade of success.

This culture of innovation was set nearly eighty-five years ago and is still just as powerful today. We are BUILT FOR LIFE.


Be a part of our culture.

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