Along with assessing the potential for new opportunities, our Development Planning team manages the planning and pre-development process for our communities, both pre-construction and under construction. Their day-to-day includes ushering projects through approvals, engaging with public officials and coordinating with our construction and project teams to bring a planned community to life.


From major structural work to the finishing details of the suites, Deltera, our in-house site supervision construction company, ensures our buildings uphold our Tridel standard and holds our trades to producing homes that preserve our reputation.

We believe in proactive safety when it comes to our customers, employees and the greater community and have Safety teams for every one of our communities, including the Joint Health & Safety committee at our corporate office.

Our strong reputation for quality and innovation extends beyond the homes we build, it encompasses the community as a whole. Our post-occupancy Technical Audit team is responsible for all common elements and building systems required for the daily functioning of the communities we build.


Our Project Management team is managing some of the largest and most complex projects in this city. They are accountable for successfully leading all of our Tridel projects, from pre-launch through to completion, ensuring we are meeting quality standards, schedules, budgets and overall project objectives.

The Innovation & Sustainability team is dedicated to finding new and innovative ways for us to build and deliver an improved product to our customers. Their mandate focuses on technological advances, development of traditional construction practices, and sustainability.


Deltera Contracting Inc. is a fully integrated Construction Management company with a reputation for delivering the high-quality buildings for our third-party clients. Projects include high-rise, mid-rise and townhomes for market and high-end rentals, non-profit affordable ownership housing, long-term care and seniors’ housing. The expertise Deltera brings to a project ensures consistent quality, flexibility, accountability and transparency at every stage of the build.


From suite design and layout to common area features and finishes, our in-house Interior Design team works to ensure our renowned Tridel craftsmanship is reflected in the creation of each of our communities from the very beginning.  Interior Design is integral to the success of each building, collaborating with almost every department across the entire organization.


Often the first contact in a homeowner’s journey with us, Sales is responsible for providing our homeowners an unparalleled experience during the selection and purchase of their perfect home. Always knowledgeable and professional, they set the stage for what each homebuyer can expect out of their new home and what life is like in a Tridel community.

Our Marketing team is responsible for creating and telling the story behind each of our unique communities. The team brings life to a project by outlining the strategy for bringing the new community to market. Following a project from concept right through to completion, Marketing is responsible for building the unique brands for our communities, while also showcasing and defining our corporate brand.


Our Project Accounting, Bookkeeping, Sales Control and Office Services teams are accountable to key internal and external stakeholders. They are responsible for project reporting and payables, overseeing site acquisitions, project financing, and accounting, and also ensure the daily operations of the office run efficiently.


Our experts on all things technical, the Information Technology team oversees initiatives dedicated to cybersecurity, network performance, technical problem resolution and maintaining current digital and technological systems. This robust team partners with many throughout our company to execute IT strategies and initiatives while overseeing the delivery of key projects. Specializations include project management for all things technology, such as programs and systems that are used by our employees and customers; Service Desk and IT support, Information Systems and web and program development.


Brand Experience was developed with a mission to drive market-leading, sustainable experiences for our employees, customers, communities and multiple stakeholders, focusing on more than just the bricks-and-mortar side of our business. Consisting of Design Services, Customer Care, Talent Development, Corporate Social Responsibility and Communications, the Brand Experience department works cross-functionally with all teams and departments throughout the organization to innovate and advance business outcomes and customer, community and employee experiences. The vision is to foster better, stronger, and sustainable communities and deliver unparalleled customer experiences while increasing customer advocacy and satisfaction and enhancing the brand reputation.


Our People & Culture team, consisting of Talent Development and HR Services, works to advance initiatives that protect and advance our culture. They ensure we are a best place to work for our employees, preserving the aspects of our culture that make us great, while evolving it so we are competitive. People & Culture provides the support, tools and training we need as a team to be successful while ensuring that the experience of our employees is unparalleled within our industry.

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