Innovation is the process of making things better in significant and meaningful ways. Our approach to innovation is simple – to listen + learn + respond. Our intellectual oxygen comes from the thousands of customers, employees, trades and partners, who help us create revolutionary products, processes and services. We encourage an innovation democracy where ideas come from anyone and anywhere, both inside and outside the company.  This diversity from a multitude of voices and experiences guides the focus of our next innovation.  We embrace and learn from the difficult.  Actually, our best ideas come from the challenges our customers and employees give us.

80 years and 80,000 homes have created an incredible innovation incubator of ideas that have been life tested. Every day we work to evolve what we do, no matter how small, taking the ordinary to the extraordinary.  We know to effect real change, we need to be fearless and have an open culture that welcomes critical thinking.  One that yes, even recognizes mistakes.

At Tridel, we believe in promoting a stronger partnership between academia and business. It is important for Canadian innovation. It allows students to gain experience with real businesses and enriches the whole educational experience. For Tridel, it brings new ideas, insight into the next generation of buyers, and access to amazing talent.

Beyond financial contribution, Tridel actively participates on the boards of Universities and Colleges contributing to course development and industry partnerships. Tridel has provided real business problems and access to our executives to support students in business focused courses and case competitions.

Immigration has been the cornerstone for growth in the Greater Toronto Area. Highly educated people come to Canada for greater opportunities for their families. Tridel believes in the value that newcomers bring to our country and is active in supporting programs that ensure commensurate employment. It is critical to Canadian innovation and sustained prosperity that we fully realize the talent that comes to our country. It is an injustice when PHD’s from foreign countries are driving taxi cabs. To this end, Tridel has been supporting Government immigration programs by participating on industry boards, providing venues, supporting events and providing access to executives.