Quality starts with an intention. To do our best. We know that nothing’s more personal than your home. It’s fitting then that our team of people put their skills and dedication to work each day for the good of our homeowners, their families, and the communities that we share.

Our experience and size benefits our customers at every stage. It begins with our ability to locate the best locations, source superior materials, have brand name suppliers and work with award winning consultants.    And it continues through to our long history of effectively managing condominium construction, It ends with you knowing that you have the best home for the best value.

We promise to be prompt, professional and of the highest standard while keeping you informed.

Service Response Steps

  • Acknowledge & classify your request within one business day, which will include next steps and timing (e.g. emergency, loss of performance, maintenance, aesthetic, etc.).
  • Visit your home, as needed, to inspect and diagnose the best method of repair.
  • Coordinate all trades and consultants required to conduct any warrantable repairs and coordinate Permission to Enter (PTE).
  • Conduct a final quality inspection as necessary to ensure your request is complete.
  • Confirm with you through mytridelhome.com, phone, email or in person that your request is complete.

Service Response Prioritization

Immediate Response
In-suite Emergency (e.g. loss of access, power, heat or flood)

Up to 1 Week Response
Complete Loss of Performance (e.g. loss of air conditioning or refrigeration)

Up to 2 Weeks Response
Loss of Optimal Function or Maintenance Review (e.g. door swing, setting security alarm & thermostat)

Up to 4 Weeks Response
Aesthetic or diagnostic where the concern requires additional investigation (e.g. drywall appearance or acoustic)

Your Service Options

Priority Express – Most of our customers use this option since it is the quickest and easiest way to get service. Priority Express combines your use of on-line forms and mobile APPs (see next page) with PTE or Permission to Enter which is your consent for Tridel employees or escorted professional trades to enter your home in your absence to review and complete your requests.

Express – Your second fastest option. Same as Priority Express but without the use of our electronic request options. If you choose to send us your requests through mail or other paperbased forms available through your Concierge, it will just take a little longer to get to us. Express also requires your PTE so don’t forget to give us your Permission to Enter when you write in to us.

Restricted – Regardless of how a request is sent to us, you may prefer to be home when we are there due to pets or special circumstances. There are also times when we need you to be there. Our service response times are extended in these situations so we can find mutually convenient times between you, our Customer Care team and professional trades.

Inspired. Committed. Extraordinary.


Our Manifesto

Tridel Customer Care provides inspired, committed and extraordinary service where the genuine care and outstanding experience of our customers is our greatest mission.

We promise to give outstanding personal service and ensure that everyone who comes into contact with Tridel receives a warm welcome, is recognized and helped in a friendly and relaxed but impeccably clean and safe environment.

The Tridel I.C.E. experience is personal, interactive, fun and exciting, while proactively addressing both the expressed and unexpressed needs of our customers.

My Credo.

  • I am inspired, committed and extraordinary.
  • I recognize that I am part of something great; something bigger than myself.
  • I am valued, empowered and responsible for my experience and every experience of the customers I serve.
  • I am part of an extraordinary family and a tradition of excellence.
  • I inspire and am inspired to make things better.
  • I am committed to creating remarkable, memorable and engaged experiences for myself, my team and every Tridel customer.

ICE Service in Five Steps:

  1. I will always acknowledge, recognize and respond to my customers on time.
  2. I will keep my commitments and do the right thing.
  3. I will keep my customers informed and pro actively communicate.
  4. I will make my customers’ experiences easy and convenient.
  5. I will make my customers feel special and respected.

I.C.E. Service Values

(Create Built for Life, Customers for Life)

  1. I understand my role in delivering I.C.E. service.
  2. I anticipate and respond to my customers expressed and unexpressed needs.
  3. I build honest and strong relationships based on mutual respect, proactive trust and open, regular communication.
  4. I am empowered to give little unexpected extras (g.l.u.e.) to create unique, memorable and personal experiences for every customer.
  5. I own and am committed to resolving my customer’s requests to completion on time and with compassion.
  6. I am responsible for the safety of my customer, my team and myself.
  7. I am always proud of my appearance and behavior and the appearance of every Tridel community and Customer Care environment.
  8. I build a positive team and work environment based on our family values so that internal and external customer expectations are not just met but exceeded.
  9. I pursue growth and learning, and continuously look for ways to innovate and improve our team and customer experience.
  10. I seek to drive change that will benefit my customer, myself, my team and my company.
  11. I am empowered and responsible for my future.
  12. I am accountable.