24 Hours on the Waterfront at our Bayside Community

24 Hours on the Waterfront at our Bayside Community

Having grown up in the Greater Toronto Area, Lake Ontario has always been a constant in my daily life.

It’s the perfect place to meet with friends, especially when I occassionally “missed” a class on a gorgeous spring day when sitting indoors seemed a shameful waste. It’s that moment when I catch sight of the Toronto Islands and the CN Tower from the air that I know I am home.  And always, I’ve used it to navigate; “the lake is south, so north, east, and west are that way.”

Recently, I have started to see the lake in a new light. Though constant, the lake is continuously changing. In fact, it’s one of the most surprising things I’ve discovered while visiting the Bayside community.  The lake is always there, but it’s always different.  From Bayside, located at Queen’s Quay and Parliament, overlooking Toronto’s inner harbour and Lake Ontario, you quickly discover that the waterfront is a dynamic landscape and constantly surprising.

I recently recorded 24 hours on the waterfront to get an idea of how the view is endlessly beautiful and surprising.



I can’t imagine a better way to end the work week than parking myself in a comfortable position and just watching the sunset unfold.  I wasn’t alone.  As I watched the sunset from Aqualina at Bayside, I saw quite a few people strolled by on the Waterfront Promenade to capture the moment and enjoy the show.




An Early Start to the Day

Where did all that ice come from?  The lake was still and clear the night before but warmer temperatures in the morning, nsured a steady flow of ice floated by the Bayside community.

I had to move quickly to capture this photo; the tugboat was really motoring as it passed by the barge.


Late Afternoon

Just before sunset and I had the brilliant idea to drive to Polson Pier to capture the view of the entire Toronto skyline.  I wasn’t the only one.  Setting up my camera among the other photographers, it was easy to see why this particular spot is so popular among professional and amateur photographers alike.

Toronto skyline


I’ve since walked to Polson Pier from Aqualina and it’s only about a 15 minute stroll (I’m the curious sort so there was some stopping and staring along the way).  For this view, it’s definitely worth the walk.  Besides, I can always stop and enjoy a warm beverage in the Distillery District on the walk back to the East Bayside community.