Aitken Place Park Opens at East Bayfront

Aitken Place Park Opens at East Bayfront

New Park Opens in East Bayfront

In early October, Aitken Place Park opened in the East Bayfront neighbourhood in downtown Toronto.  The new waterfront park is the latest manifestation of the sweeping changes taking place along Toronto inner harbour.  Aitken Place Park, overseen by Waterfront Toronto as part of it’s initiative to revitalize the city’s waterfront, is a welcome addition to the growing neighbourhoods that are now helping the city reconnect to Lake Ontario.

About Aitken Place Park

Located east of Lower Sherbourne St. and south of Queens Quay East, the new park encompasses 0.75 acres of new green space. Designed by Forrec Ltd. with SWA/Balsley Associates, Aitken Place Park features a tree-covered promenade, a mixture of comfortable seating areas for groups and individuals, a fenced-in dog park and a children’s play area, the new park was designed to be fully accessible and to provide an urban respite and fulfill a multitude of uses for area residents.  A distinctive zig-zag pathway, running north to south, meanders downhill, offering views of the lake and Waterfront Promenade.

A Link Between East Bayfront and the Waterfront Promenade 

Situated between the Hines and Tridel Aquavista and Aquabella communities, the park creates a new urban oasis in the heart of the East Bayfront neighbourhoods, offering residents, workers and passersby a place to sit, reflect, play with their children and pets and to enjoy the views of Lake Ontario.

Waterfront Promenade Extension

Additionally, the opening of Aitken Place Park marked the opening of an extension of the Waterfront Edge Promenade.  This wide pedestrian thoroughfare, dotted with parks, seating areas, offices, restaurants and more, now extends from the new park, westward to Sugar Beach and beyond, connecting the East Bayfront community to the surrounding neighbourhoods and the greater Toronto waterfront experience.


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