Community Amenities Our Customers Care About

Community Amenities Our Customers Care About

Ask The Experts.

Choosing to live in a condominium is about more than just choosing a place to call home.  It’s a lifestyle decision that extends beyond your front door, into a wider community complete with great amenity spaces at your doorstep.  At Tridel, we have over 85 years of home building experience.  What we began more than five decades ago is now recognized as the most innovative, sustainable concept in building new homes and communities.  Our committment to listening and responding to our customers is an integral part of that success.  In fact, we believe our customers are one of our most valued resources in continuing to be a leader in condominium living.

So recently, we deciced to ask our customers about their community amenity spaces.  What they love. What they could live without.  And what they think could be better.   After all, they are the experts in how they live.

We were honoured by their participation and that so many were willing to share their feedback and thoughts with us.

What We Learned:

An Outdoor Terrace at The Well


More than 75% of participants consider outdoor terraces to be an important place in their community.  Party Rooms and Barbecue areas also highly valued.  Our customers were also passionate about the Guest Suites in their communities.  In fact, almost 70% of you listed Guest Suites as being important part of their home.  These designer appointed suites are essentially hotel suites.  Community residents are able to reserve the guest suites for visiting family and friends, offering accomodations that are both close by and provide a sense of privacy, at an affordable cost.

The Kids Zone at Evermore at West Village


“More and more families are turning to condos instead of houses, kids play area would be a plus over other buildings.” – Survey Participant

When it comes to families, places for children to run and play and, well, just be kids, ranked high among desired condominium amenities.  A trend that has been growing for the past decade,  Tridel has already begun designing communities with families in mind.  The Evermore at West Village community features a host of family friendly spaces, from the Kids Zone, Youth Hub and splash pad to outdoor barbecue and dining areas, where families can enjoy a meal outdoors in warmer weather.

Services that saved time and offered convenience to busy parents and residents were also valued, with Laundry Pick Up & Delivery Service viewed as an attractive feature in a condominium community.

The Indoor Pool at Royal Bayview


Exercise Rooms continue to be a popular amenity space, with more than 90% of customers ranking it as an important addition to their community.  Thoughtfully designed spaces like the Fitness Centre at The Well, feature state-of-the-art equipment, steps from your front door and available year round.  At Tridel, our belief in the importance of recreational facilities has been reinforced by our own homeowners, who we continue to see organize organize programs such as dance classes, rooftop yoga and other community wellness programs in their communities.  Indoor swimming pools, such as the beautifully designed space planned for our newest community, Royal Bayview, also ranked highly, with more than 60% of respondents considering them to be an important part of their community.

The Urban Garden at Evermore


Outdoor lounges, like the rooftop space at The Well, where homeowners can share time with friends, enjoy the views and just relax outside, were also considered desirable.  Additionally, Urban Gardens, such as the garden located at our Evermore at West Village community, were also highly valued.  More than 62% of respondents considered these green spaces to be an important community amenity.

Tridel Connect

Smart Home Technology

“Meeting room / facilities with wi-fi and screen for those who work from home and need a meeting room.” – Survey Participant

As the applications of technology continue to grow in our daily lives, this was strongly reflected in the community amenity survey with more than 60% of you rating amenities such as electric car charging stations, high-speed internet and smart thermostats as important features in your communities.

Smart home technology, such as the features included in Tridel Connect, help make everyday living simpler. From the convenience of license plate recognition and efficient parcel delivery, to the peace of mind of one way video cameras for guests, Tridel Connect is already delivering Tridel homeowners more convenient options in their day to day lives.

In this busy day and age, we truly appreciate the customers who took the time to respond to our survey.  Their insights into their communities will help us to continue to build and develop Tridel communities designed to the highest standards now and into the future.