Behind the Barrier at Bianca.

Behind the Barrier at Bianca.

Our June 2019 Construction Update

This month, we’re taking you behind the hoarding of our downtown condominium community, Bianca, for a look at the construction progress being made.  At present, onsite teams are continuing excavation and are preparing for the installation of the crane pad.  Once complete, Bianca will feature 2 levels of underground parking.

Raker Installation

Along the north wall of the excavation, ‘rakers’ are being installed.  A raker is a reinforcing brace that holds up the shoring walls.  Essentially, it works the same way that a kickstand works on a bicycle.  At Bianca, the rakers are being installed at the crash wall along the rail corridor. A crash wall is a structural wall required for all developments built along a rail corridor as a safety precaution.

Next Steps

Next up on the construction schedule for Bianca?  Excavation is scheduled to be completed by mid to late June.  Following excavation, the first of two crane pads will be installed.  This is anticipated in late June or early July.

You can learn more about Bianca on and even keep up to date on construction progress with our live on-site camera.