Building a Foundation at Via Bloor

Building a Foundation at Via Bloor

Shoring and Excavation Complete

It’s been a long winter!  But that hasn’t stopped the crew working at Via Bloor from moving forward on-site.  Now that the shoring and outside walls are complete and the cranes have been erected, the on-site construction team have moved into the next stage of construction.

Work on the Foundation Has Begun

At present, the team is working on the walls and columns, which are the first stage in building the community’s foundation. Walls and columns are simply concrete, reinforced with rebar.  These structures will support the building above.

Ramp Removal

The site is now fully excavated and the on-site team is removing the earthen ramp. The ramp was used by heavy vehicles, particularly dump trucks, to remove the earth dug up during the excavation process from the construction pit.   To remove the ramp, a small front loader inside the pit pushes the dirt into piles.  An excavator then reaches down into the pit to remove the dirt a bit at a time.

The ramp being removed at Via Bloor.

Next Steps

Next up on the construction schedule?  The on-site team will install the under-slab drainage.  Below the lowest level of Via Bloor, beneath the foundation, a grid of pipes will be created.  The pipes will work to drain any water that accumulates below the foundation of the community.  The process will take approximately two months  and help to ensure that the foundation of the building remains dry.

Following this, the onsite team will begin pouring the slab on grade foundation.

Located at Sherbourne and Parliament, Via Bloor is just steps from the Sherbourne and Castle Frank subway stations, conveniently close to the DVP and Gardiner and the luxurious restaurants and shopping of Bloor Street and Yorkville village.

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