Tips to Help You Transition from a House into a Condo.

Whether your children are off to college or university, living in their own homes, or you are simply ready to take care of less space, moving into a condominium could be the solution – though for some, transitioning from house to condo may come with a bit of an adjustment.    For example, if you [...]

Inside the Two-Storey Model Townhome at Aquabella

Designed by the award-winning interior design team at Tridel, the 2,226 sq. ft. two-storey townhome at Aquabella prioritizes simplicity by combining contemporary accessories with classic features to create a clean, sophisticated look that is timeless. The model suite offers an open-concept design, sun-filled spaces and two entries providing convenient access to the condominium or patio, [...]

4 Tips to Combine Opposing Design Styles.

Our design team was recently challenged with an interesting question: “what do I do if my partner has a different accessorizing style?” - A question that is more common than you realize.     Although moving in with your partner is an exciting and monumental milestone, you are challenged with the ultimate task of blending two [...]

4 Configurations to Make a Smaller Condo Fit Your Lifestyle.

Even in a smaller space, it’s possible to design the suite layout based on your lifestyle. But how do you know what can be changed, or what the options are? Our Design Consultants can help.   Let me show you how spaces in a 585 sq. ft. condo can be optimized, based on your needs and lifestyle.   We took the perimeter of this suite [...]

Next Gen: The Evolution of Luxury.

Luxury is a concept that can be challenging to define in words, yet our minds are incredibly capable of conjuring specific images related to luxury almost immediately. Luxury interior design -along with its stereotypical connotations of ornate grandness, opulence and exclusivity- have evolved over time. Even just hiring an interior designer was once considered a [...]

The Great Debate: Open Kitchen Vs. Closed Kitchen

It's often said that the kitchen is the heart of a home. The key an ideal kitchen layout is to think about your preferences, and how you intend to use the space. Some homeowners look at their kitchen as the main social area of their home, while others use their kitchen more traditionally – as [...]

Selecting the Colour of the Year

Have you ever wondered how colours are selected for home décor? Cars? Fashion?  How the colour of the year is chosen before you see it popping up, just about everywhere?  I have. As an Interior Designer, I always have my eye on trends in colour, materials, texture and how these all come together to form beautiful design.  Recently I was invited to participate in a Colour Forecasting Workshop, called a ChromaZone®, led by Color Marketing [...]

Introducing Tridel Premier Collection

The ultimate white-glove experience    From the moment you introduce yourself, up until you have the keys to your new home in hand, a dedicated team of award-winning experts is by your side. More than suites, more than a service, Tridel Premier Collection is an experience reserved for homeowners with the finest suites in our most [...]

3 Design Tips for Brighter Summer Interiors

Summer décor is unique to the season –breezy fabrics, soft colour palettes, natural fibers, and boho influences combine to make it feel like sunshine is being let into your condo.   With summer here to stay, here are some simple tips to bring that airy, summer feeling into your design aesthetic and your condo feel [...]