Play Ball.

This week I had the pleasure of speaking at an event called The Future of Cities hosted by EnsembleCo about the “human side” of cities – something I’m madly passionate about. It’s a prominent topic these days as our skyline continues to ascend and generate criticism that developers aren’t building to a “human” scale or giving enough consideration to the way people live.

Spring at Alexandra Park with The Bowery Project

Spring Planting Tuesday, May 14th, 2019 was definitely not a typical day at the office for the Tridel Take Action Team.  It was a great day of work though, as volunteers rolled up their sleeves and put on the gardening gloves to pitch in at the Atkinson Co-operative in Alexandra Park to help The Bowery [...]

Toronto Power Women – Front & Centre

Keeping the conversation on gender equality front and centre – until we don’t have to – is truly what’s best for us as organizations and as people. That was the message I received last week when I attended the Toronto Power Women Bisnow event where I was recognized along with several other women in the real estate industry.