Avani at Metrogate March 2015 Construction Update

Our construction teams at Avani at Metrogate are currently pouring concrete on the 3rd floor of the community; having completed 90% of the concrete slab and 80% of the walls on this floor. The plumbing and electrical sleeving and pipe installation is in progress at the garage levels and Enbridge has commenced the gas service […]

Avani at Metrogate June 2014 Construction Update

Excavation for the Avani at Metrogate community is now 90% complete. The dewatering contractor is now on site with the expectation of starting work this week. Watch the progress online as the Avani live construction camera updates every 30 minutes with a new photo. Be sure to follow Facebook and Twitter for even more information.

West Village Tower 1 May 2014 Construction Update

Move-ins and closings are currently taking place for the hoist suites on the lower floors of West Village Tower 1, while homeowner orientations are being completed for the hoist suites on the upper floors. Our construction teams have completed 80% of the soft landscaping and are in the finishing stages of suite completion for the […]