OCTOBER 06, 2016

Changing Seasons Means Changing Your In-Suite Climate Control System.

As the seasons’ change, so do the climate control systems in your home and community. 

As the seasons’ change, so do the climate control systems in your home and community. Condominium communities using fan coils systems have a “change over” from air conditioning in the summer to heating systems in the fall. The “change over” date varies by community and is often based on lifestyle preferences and previous resident feedback. Your property management team in coordination with your Board of Directors establishes your date which is generally around or after our Thanksgiving weekend.

However, between now and then temperatures may fluctuate where we will have an extraordinarily hot summer-like day followed by a surprise drop in temperature. In these transition times, it is important to plan ahead since you cannot get maximum heat while the community is still in summer (AC) mode.  Similarly, once changed-over to heat, you will not be able to get AC.

If you’re changing to heat, you can use the auxiliary electric heater, that is an integrated part of your fan-coil system until the transfer is made. If you don’t know how to turn on your auxiliary heat, don’t worry. If you turn your thermostat to the heat mode while the building is still in AC mode, the fan-coil will recognize that, and automatically turn-on the auxiliary heat. Expect a slight “toaster-like” odor initially that will go away after one or two uses.

Remember, while this will take the edge off a chilly day, it will not produce the kind of heating that your system allows once the “change over” has occurred.  After your building system is changed over to heating if you become too warm, set your fan-coil so that the heat is off and turn on the fan to your choice of either Hi-Med-Lo speed so air can circulate.

When Will the Changeover Happen?

It generally takes place sometime in October for heat and in May or June for the transition back to cooling.  The date is set and communicated to you by your property management team and board of directors.

The date varies each year based on resident feedback and weather patterns so always look for updates in your community.

What Should You Do?

Just be aware as the change over process may take anywhere between 24 and 48 hours to achieve full and optimal performance.  Sometimes, though rare, there is a full disruption in service so watch for communications from your property management team.

Depending on the season, remember to change your thermostat from the “cooling” to the “heating” setting, after the changeover.

Good Home Maintenance Tips:

 This is the ideal time to check and change the filter in your in-suite fan coil or heat pump.  A dirty fan coil filter can limit air flow and reduce the efficiency of your heating and cooling systems. Check out the Tridel Maintenance Minute on How to Change My Fan-coil Filter below.

How to Clean to ERV Filter

If you are in a community with an ERV system, those filters will need to be changed as well.  The ERV system comes with a washable filter which must be completely dried prior to reinstallation, or you can purchase replacement filters from the property management office.


Your property management team will be happy to assist with any concerns or questions you may have regarding the seasonal changeover in your home and your community.

One of the many great things about living in a condominium is that there’s not a lot you have to do to get ready for the winter – no raking of leaves or cleaning out of eaves troughs. Condo living- it’s a pretty carefree lifestyle.

For more Homeowner Tips, visit our Tridel Homeowner Resources Page.

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