Construction Begins at Bianca on The New Dupont

Construction Begins at Bianca on The New Dupont

Construction of Bianca Has Begun

We are very pleased to announce the start of construction at Bianca, located on The New Dupont, just west of Spadina.  With the completion of demolition of the existing on-site structures, the next phase of development is ready to begin.





Site Mobilization

The first step is preparation and site mobilization.  On-site construction staff will set up the offices and materials essential for work to begin on the Bianca site.   Currently, a construction trailer is being set up at 275 Howland Ave.  This will become the offices of the Site Supervisor, Site Coordinator and other on-site personnel.  A labour shack is also being installed, to house the equipment required by the skilled trades involved at this stage of construction.


Shoring & Excavation

The first stage of construction will be the shoring and excavation of the site.  The on-site team is currently mobilizing the equipment required to begin.  In preparation of shoring and excavation, a site survey is being conducted.  This ‘site map’ will outline the exact location of the foundation and establish where the shoring and excavation will be done.  Before any shoring begins, a rig platform is being installed.  A rig platform is an engineered base that is built around the exterior of the excavation site, like a temporary road.  It is essentially a working platform for the drill rig, whose purpose is to secure the ground beneath the rig as it drills into the earth to install the piles and beams.  Simply put – we dig holes, insert steel beams deep into the ground, then secure the beams with cement.  The beams become the outside walls of Bianca’s foundation.  As shoring begins, the space inside the piles will be excavated.

Next Steps

Construction start is an exciting time for both Tridel and homeowners, as it brings us one step closer to completion of your home.  At Bianca, shoring and excavation is expected to take approximately 4 months.

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