Digging in at Via Bloor

Digging in at Via Bloor

Work Progressing at Via Bloor.

Located at the intersection of Bloor and Parliament, the site has seen a lot of activity since construction began in January 2018.  Hoarding has been installed along Howard Street, the south side of the site.  The Bloor Street side is expected to be completed next week.   There is some exciting public art being developed for the hoarding; stay tuned for updates.

Shoring and Excavation are Ongoing.

These two stages of construction go hand in hand, with the installation of the shoring system to prepare the site for excavation. A standard shoring system consists of three things – piles, lagging and tie backs.  The first stage of shoring is the installation of piles.  Piles are steel beams that are installed deep into the ground, secured with cement and left there permanently.  A hollow tube is inserted into the earth.  As it is buried, the hollow interior fills with soil, which is then removed by a giant drill.  The drill is currently working on the east end of the site.  Next, the steel beam is inserted inside the tube and secured with concrete.  As the concrete is poured, the original tube – which acts as the form or mold for the concrete – is removed.



At this stage, excavation begins while shoring continues. As the earth is removed, the piles – the steel beam encased in concrete – are exposed.  Wood lengths are then installed horizontally between the beams.  These wood walls are referred to as the  ‘lagging.  Once complete, the shoring system, which acts as a retaining wall, secures the excavation site from erosion of the surrounding earth, as can currently be seen on the west end of the Via Bloor site.



With the difference in elevation between Howard and Bloor Streets and the split level design of the underground parking, the excavation of the Via Bloor site will actually be deeper on the south side than on the north side, once complete.

Excavation at Via Bloor is expected to be completed in the Fall of 2018.  Find out more about Via Bloor.


The Details:

Sales Start Date:  February 2017

Construction Start Date: February 2018

Number of Suites:  Tower 1 – 372, Tower 2 – 388

Storeys: Tower 1 – 37, Tower 2 – 45

Location: Bloor & Parliament