E-Bike Program launched at SQ2 Community

E-Bike Program launched at SQ2 Community

Elby has arrived at SQ2

Tridel and Elby Mobility have partnered to bring six new electronic bikes (e-bikes) to SQ2 at Alexandra Park.  This exciting new program offers residents and their guests exclusive access to brand new Elby e-bikes; a convenient, affordable, and sustainable means of transportation around the city.   Tridel is committed to creating healthier and more sustainable condominium communities.  This latest collaboration with Elby provides the residents of SQ2 with a valuable community amenity that will also help enhance their condominium lifestyle.

For those who have never been a big fan of riding a bicycle or have been uncomfortable with the idea of riding a bike in the city, 2020 is the perfect year for a ‘test ride’.   This summer, through to the end of September, the City of Toronto has implemented the ActiveTO program, which on weekends, closes some of the major roadways to expand the cycling networks throughout the city.  With more “room to roam”, the residents of SQ2 at Alexandra Park are perfectly positioned to get outside and get active.

Elby Mobility: Commercial Division

Thrilled to lauch our Elby Mobility Commercial DIvision combining premium North American engineered E-Bikes with the latest in connected technlogy. Advancing our Mission to unlock citites from congestion and accelerate the transition to sustainable, healthly, and connected transportation!

Posted by Elby on Wednesday, March 4, 2020

Designed for Urban Convenience

Designed specifically for urban environments, the award-winning Elby offers an e-bike that is easy and fun to use.  Great for commuting, running errands, exercising or just having fun, the Elby e-bike is designed to give riders a great experience, all while keeping them safe and comfortable.  The goal is to offer a more environmentally-friendly and healthier means of transportation for residents.  Located in a secured area inside the building, each e-bike comes equipped with a basket and its own lock.  Residents of SQ2 can reserve the e-bikes through “Elby’s E-Bike Sharing App” from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store downloadable to their smartphone.

No Fuss. No Muss.  Just Ride.

Cycling has become a new hobby to many, and a popular mode of transportation in urban environments, particularly this year.  One side effect of its newfound rise has made bicycles a high demand item and for some, hard to find.  For those who do own a bicycle will tell you, the freedom of the bicycle does come with one downside – regular maintenance.  Think flat tires, chains that come off or need to be oiled, and that can be just the start.

Just as car-sharing has done for urban dwellers around the world, bike-sharing programs eliminate personal maintenance issues while still offering an easy way to ride, navigate, and enjoy our city.

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