First Glimpse of Retaining Walls at Bianca

First Glimpse of Retaining Walls at Bianca

It seems the start of the new year has finally brought winter to the greater Toronto Area.  After a somewhat mild December, we have seen a multitude of frigid temperatures, ice rain and multiple snowfalls.  In spite of the weather, work at our Bianca community has been ongoing. We are happy to report that the on-site team have been working on shoring and excavation of the site.  In fact, all piles and caissons have been installed.

Shoring – also known as steel beam shoring – is when the on-site construction team bores holes into the ground.  These holes are positioned at intervals around the periphery of the future building.  Once dug, steel beams, known as ‘piles’, are installed into these holes.  Concrete is then poured into the hole, to ensure the strength of the steel beam.  At present, the piles along the northern end of the site have been installed and excavated.   Piles installed along the west end of the site have been installed and will be excavated shortly.

Lagging is the next step of construction.  Once shoring is complete and the steel beams have been secured in place, lagging – wooden beams – are installed between the piles.  At present, the onsite team have begun lagging in the north and south east corners of the Bianca site.  This lagging will eventually form part of the outside retaining walls of the Bianca community.

Next up in the construction schedule? Bulk excavation. In anticipation of this next phase, a de-watering system has been installed to remove any excess groundwater.  Once complete, the on-site construction team will begin actively excavating the Bianca site. Excavation is expected to continue for approximately 2 to 3 months as we dig down to the P2 level of underground parking.  During this phase of construction, you can expect to see numerous pieces of heavy equipment and large amounts of earth being removed from the site.

Keeping an eye on Bianca?  Remember to check back often for all the latest news and updates.