How Does Your Garden Grow at Bianca?

How Does Your Garden Grow at Bianca?

If you don’t already have a green thumb, you just might find that gardening can grow on you when you live at Bianca.

The expansive outdoor spaces of the Annex Collection and the Castle Collection feature terrific alfresco spaces that can be used to entertain, relax, dine and yes, garden!


Already have a green thumb?  You’ll find the transition from a backyard garden to a container garden is relatively easy. It’s all about selecting great containers (let your imagination go wild – as long as there is a drainage hole at the bottom and the material is water tight and outdoor proof, it can be used).

Adding a 2-3” layer of stones to the bottom and then filling the container with a good quality soil (eg. Miracle Grow Potting Soil) is really all it takes.

You can grow almost anything – herbs, vegetables, berries, flowers, shrubs, perennials or annuals, the choice is yours. Or mix it up. Colour adds a wonderful texture and dimension to your outdoor space.

Discover more about container gardening in our Bianca Magazine.  Visit the Presentation Centre for your copy.