Glen Arbour. The First Tridel Condo.

Glen Arbour. The First Tridel Condo.

While the Tridel homebuilding story begins in 1934 with the founder of our company, Jack DelZotto, our history as Canada’s leading condominium developer could actually be said to begin in the late 1960s.

Today,  most people likely think of Tridel as a Toronto-based company, however we have built condominium communities throughout the Greater Toronto Area.  In fact, Tridel’s very first condominium was built in the picturesque setting of Oakville by DelZotto Construction, as we were then known. But let’s start at the beginning…

An Innovative New Vision of Homeownership

Leo DelZotto, CEO of Tridel, recalls when the provincial Condo Act was first enacted in 1968, very few people understood what a condominium was. The idea of owning a “box in the sky” was so new and novel, that it was a bit of a hard sell. Additionally, the concept of a self-managed community was unheard of.  But with a clear vision of what could become a new type of homeownership, offering a more affordable and amenity-rich urban lifestyle, we made the provocative decision to focus on this innovative new type of home.

Arbour Glen - Original Sales Brochure

212 Kerr Street – The First Tridel Community

Drawing on the company’s past experience of developing luxury apartment complexes, complete with swimming pools, recreation centers, and landscaped grounds, the then DelZotto Construction built our first condominium community at 212 Kerr Street, in Kerr Village in downtown Oakville. As would become an essential component to planning our future condominium communities, 212 Kerr featured amenities such as a shuffleboard court and beautifully landscaped grounds for the residents. The community was also conveniently located within walking distance to nearby shopping, parks, and a recreation centre.

Building Community

212 Kerr has evolved over the years.  The breezeway has been closed in and is now a Lounge.  The first-floor saunas are no longer and other renovations and updates have taken place over time.  But while cosmetic changes have changed the façade of the building, one thing remains the same.  212 Kerr remains a strong community of residents who have made their home in the lively and energetic Kerr Village neighbourhood.  As Geoff Tym, who has been the Superintendent of 212 Kerr for almost 30 years, shared on the community’s 50th anniversary, his overall recollection is of 212 being a great place to live, “a community”. Due to its ideal central location, surrounded by stores, parks, a community centre, hockey arena, summer pool, and tennis courts, it was an ideal place to live and raise children.”

For Tridel, this also remains true.  Founded on the principles of family, home, and community, our commitment to building strong, healthy communities remains the same today.