November 25, 2022

One suite. Two Configurations.

We took the perimeter of one of our suites at Edenbridge and configured the interiors in two different ways, all within the same footprint and dimensions.

We all use our homes differently, your needs may be different than mine, your friends, or parents. Hence, the ideal suite layout should consider your lifestyle and how you use your space.  

During the early stages of floorplan design, we consider years of feedback from our customers, architects, designers, residents, and owners. Our floorplans are a representation of that feedback, which results in functional configurations that meet the needs of our homeowners. But there are, of course, many different options! 

In this month’s blog Jim Stoops, Tridel’s Senior Director of Design Services, took the suite perimeter of one of our suites at Edenbridge and configured the interiors in two different ways, all within the same footprint and dimensions. 

Option 1.

This one bedroom + den and 1.5 baths floorplan is a popular configuration at Tridel, and we see many variations of this floorplan played out across multiple communities, and for a good reason! It’s got a long list of features. 


Upon entering the front door, you will find the laundry, powder room, and a walk-in closet. The principal bedroom includes a three-piece ensuite bathroom with a walk-in closet. The linear kitchen overlooks the dining-living area that leads to the terrace, creating the ideal space for entertaining.  

This configuration allows for a kitchen peninsula (a kitchen island with one side attached to the wall). In this example, half of the peninsula drops to table height (approximately 30”) to allow for seating on both sides, creating an efficient use of space. 

This suite is great for someone who wants to have a dedicated workspace that is out of site. The semi-private Den allows you to have those visually distracting items out of the way. The kitchen peninsula is great for those who love islands and are willing to sacrifice a separate dining table to get that functionality.  

Option 2.

The next configuration is very similar to the first. However, the Den was removed to expand the bedroom and walk-in closet. This creates enough space in the bedroom for a large desk with drawers across the window. In this suite, the L-shaped kitchen wraps around a large dining table, still providing ample prep space but allowing for a more traditional table setup.


This suite is great for someone who requires more storage. The larger walk-in closet in the bedroom provides plenty of storage for clothes, shoes, and other items. The two-desk location works great for those who primarily work off a laptop and can put it away at the end of the day. This option also has two workspaces in separate rooms for those days that two people may be working from home. 

When choosing a suite configuration with our Design Team, think about what works best for you. This will allow you buy the right suite for your needs and help you personalize your space best during your design appointment.   

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