Seasonal Storage

Seasonal Storage

Last month we talked a bit about mudrooms, and how to incorporate them into a condo home. Now, as we enter May and spring is finally upon us,  it’s time to consider some effective and efficient ways to store all that winter apparel that you won’t be needing for the next few months.

If you’re at home right now, like most of us, you’ll likely have some additional time on your hands that can be used to set your home up for organizational success in the coming months.

Space vs Storage

When space is at a premium, it’s very important to consider not only the amount of storage you have but also how to use it effectively. Having storage and using it to your advantage are two very different things. One of the easiest examples to demonstrate this is the front closet.

How many of you have an absolutely packaged front closet? Even in the fall and spring it’s packed with winter coats or a random beach chair? Is your closet so full that you have to shuffle and stuff your belongs to get them to fit? A lot of people end up buying a coat rack to put outside their closet (or wall hooks) for their “everyday” items, or a shoe matt for outside the closet because the floor inside the closet is piled high with shoes. Closets are notorious for slowly creeping into our other living spaces.

If you have a lot of space, this slow creep might not be too much of a problem, and as I mentioned in last month’s blog, it’s amazing to have an entire room to just dump stuff, aka the mudroom. But when you’re short on space, you need to be more diligent with how you use your storage areas.

Here are some ideas on how to best organize your belongings to keep your storage spaces organized and functional.

Incorporate storage for seasonal items or items you don’t often use. 

Ikea has many pieces that integrate storage directly into their furniture. Some of their sofas and ottomans have storage under the seat cushion, and they have bedframes with lift-up functions or drawers to ensure access to all that space under the bed.

Cycle your clothing.

Put your winter clothes into these less accessible storage spaces in the summer, and visa versa in the winter. This ensures that the clothes you do want to wear are easily accessible and not hidden by the items you don’t need.

I love this suggestion because it also makes getting dressed easier. When the items you don’t need are put away its easier to visually see all the items you are actually working with when getting dressed.

Have a separate storage unit?

If you have a separate storage space, purchase a few clothing racks with wheels and a plastic zippered cover so you can store your items safely. This also makes transitioning between seasons even easier.

Invest in closet organizers.

It’s definitely an investment, but if you have the resources, consider working with a company that specializes in closet design.  With an investment of a bit of time and effort, you’ll end up with a personalized solution, that works best for you and your space. Drawers, single hang, double hang, shoe wracks, these are really just the beginning.  Thoughtfully designed closet solutions allow you to store so much more in the same amount of space. I love California Closets, and we offer them as part of our personal selection options at the Design Studio. For those that aren’t afraid of a little DIY assembly, the Ikea Pax system is extremely versatile and has a lot of nifty storage solutions.

Jim Stoops

Director, Design Services

Jim believes in ignoring the rules and creating spaces that are personal and tailored to the client.  His design style leans toward layered, saturated spaces with an identifiable history. His pro-tip: In small, open-concept spaces, make the kitchen as seamless and integrated as possible.