Shoring and Excavation Begin at Scala – November 2018 Construction Update

Shoring and Excavation Begin at Scala – November 2018 Construction Update


Pre-Construction Development

Located just north of Leslie and Sheppard, the Scala community has been bustling with preparation activities. The site, encompassing approximately 6.5 acres, has been undergoing a lengthy but necessary list of changes in preparation of redevelopment, ranging from demolition, regrading of the site, and more.


New Road and Services

The roads that will service the future Scala community have now been finished with the final portion connecting the new residential community to Leslie Street to be completed in early November.  Site services, which include water and sewer lines, are also complete and have been commissioned by the city.  Essentially, this means that the services have been built, tested, reviewed by the city and have been found to be properly installed and working correctly.  With these milestones now complete, the on-site construction team are ready to begin the next phase of development.


Scala;s future road connects to Leslie Street
Crews connecting the Scala community roadway to Leslie Street



Shoring & Excavation Begin

With the Scala site cleared and the essential infrastructure now in place, shoring and excavation have begun.  The first stage of shoring is the installation of piles around the perimeter of the future building.  Piles are steel beams installed deep into the earth, secured with concrete and soil anchors and which are left there permanently.  As piles are being installed by the drill rig, excavation also begins.   The creatively named “excavator” (essentially a massive giant claw digging machine) will remove the earth within the perimeter of the piles until the desired depth is reached.



What’s Next?

Presently, shoring and excavation are expected to continue until Spring 2019.    Once excavation and shoring are complete and the outside walls are in place, the next construction milestone will be the installation of the construction crane.   At Scala, three cranes will be installed, due to the size of the building.

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