Spring Maintenance for your Condominium Home

Spring Maintenance for your Condominium Home

It’s Spring. And that means Spring Cleaning!

The snow is melting, birds are singing and parkas are finally being stored away for another season.  It must be time for a little spring cleaning!  Just as with every home, your condominium requires a little bit of love and attention to get ready for the warmer weather.  So we’ve put together a few tips to get you ready for the return of balcony and terrace season.

Clean Balcony Tracks.

Along the edge of your balcony, there is a finishing strip of metal that should be checked each spring. Cleaning out any debris that may have become lodged between your balcony door and the metal threshold will prevent water from entering your suite and ensure it drains away from your home.

Check your Windows.

Many people crank their awning windows open or closed too hard and they become “stripped,” just like a bolt. Usually, the arm (the metal piece that holds the window to the handle and looks like scissors) will come loose as a result. If you over crank your window, you’ll be able to open your windows but you won’t be able to close them again. If this should happen, you will need to contact your Property Management office who will make arrangements for the repair, at your cost.

Check and Reset your GFCI.

To test the RESET button on your GFCI, push the TEST button.  The RESET button should pop-up immediately.  To Restore Power Push the RESET button firmly into the device until an audible click is heard.  If the RESET button does not pop-up when the test button is pushed, notify a qualified electrician and schedule an appointment.  DO NOT use the GFCI until a licensed professional has inspected the GFCI.

Fan Coil Filters.

Depending upon your lifestyle, your fan coil filters should be changed about every 3 months. Homes with smokers, pets, or residents with environmental sensitivities may need their filters changed more frequently.

For more helpful Do-It-Yourself Condo Maintenance tips, check out our Maintenance Minutes video series.