Spring Planting with The Bowery Project

Spring Planting with The Bowery Project

Spring Planting

There’s something to be said spending a day outside, working in the earth, getting dirt under your fingernails, and enjoying the fresh air.  Even with a high humidex and no shade, a day spent gardening adds a bit of brightness to your day.

Recently, members of the Tridel Take Action Team spent the day doing just that, as they worked with the team from The Bowery Project and the Atkinson Co-operative, preparing this year’s planting in the Alexandra Park neighbourhood.    Overall, it was a great day’s work.

Fresh Community Benefits

Three members of the Tridel Take Action Team and Bowery volunteers worked together to plant four beds of plantings, a total of 128 crates, into position.  Once in place, each crate was topped up with fresh, organic soil, planted, and then watered.  The new urban garden is expected to produce herbs, fruits, and vegetables, as well as flowering plants.  It’s a carefully planned garden, with herbs, such as basil, included among the planting not only for their value in cooking but also for their ability to help repel insects.

Overall, the project took approximately three hours of work and was an incredibly rewarding experience.  This year’s crop will help provide experience to Bowery and neighbourhood volunteers and assist with food security initiatives lead by the Alexandra Park Community Centre.

About The Bowery Project

Bowery Project is a not-for-profit organization whose mission is to transform “vacant spaces into growing places” by turning vacant lots into urban gardens that not only provide fresh produce to the local community, but also inspires, engages and educates.