Taking Action in 2020. The Year in Review.

Taking Action in 2020. The Year in Review.

Truth be told, life took a left turn for just about everyone last March.  Looking back at the last year, while we’ve had to adapt, change our normal routines and discover new ones, one thing has not changed for us at Tridel – our commitment to making a positive impact in the communities where we live, work, and play.

The Tridel Take Action Team, an employee-led group of change-makers that promotes team building and works to contribute to our communities in a meaningful way, was forced to re-think and re-examine how we could support our employees, communities, and the people that live in them. Many of the events and initiatives led by Tridel Take Action were done in spirit of supporting our greater community in a time of need, and were mainly focused on people disproportionately affected by the pandemic.

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Tridel Takes Action

In 2020, the Take Action Team:

  • Hosted 50+ events
  • Participated in more than 650 hours of volunteer work
  • Donated and diverted more than 675 lbs. of textiles
  • 2,637 lbs of food donated
  • 1,420 lbs of e-waste was diverted from landfill
  • Collected over 6,000 bottles from legacy communities for recycling and donating the proceeds to charitable organizations around the City
  • Raised $11,375 for community events & non-profits
  • Over 130 Fresh Food Baskets of Meals were supported during COVID through employee fundraising

Connecting Youth to Careers in Construction

As a founding sponsor of the BOLT Charitable Foundation, Tridel works closely with BOLT to assist under-resourced youth in the GTA connect to a rewarding career in construction. Through industry and trade partners support, BOLT raises awareness about the diverse careers in the industry, offers immersive career exploration programs and financial support for skilled training and post-secondary education so youth can advance further in their careers. To date, BOLT has provided more than 420 scholarships across 27 schools and 40+ programs, totalling $1.3 million. Since 2014, BOLT’s support for skilled training programs has led to more than 125 apprenticeships.

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, in 2020 BOLT supported 95 youth start their training or careers in construction:

  • 60 students in 20+ post-secondary programs related to construction, with an average scholarship of $3,300 per student
  • 18 apprentices across 7 different professions, including high demand ones like Tower Crane Operator, Electrician, Rodworker, and Sprinkler Fitter
  • 15 more youth participated in our career exploration activities including our modified Day of Discovery and Job Shadowing programs
  • Two youth started their careers at Tridel


For more information about Tridel’s CSR initiatives, view our Impact Report.

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