Topping off Selene at Metrogate

Topping off Selene at Metrogate

We are pleased to share that the roof slab at Selene at Metrogate has been completed and the community has “topped off” at its full height.  This is an important milestone in the construction of any community.  It signifies the end of forming and brings occupancy for our homeowners one step closer.

Meanwhile, on the inside….

Work on the interior of Selene continues.  With high-rise construction, construction begins on the ground floor and move upwards, with trades following each other up the building.  Currently at Selene, suites are being framed on the 22nd floor.  Framing is the installation of the metal studs (like the wooden 2 by 4’s used in low-rise construction) which will become the frame of the interior suite walls.  As the suites are framed, electrical and HVAC rough-ins are following closely behind and have begun on the 21st floor.  Plumbing rough-ins have progressed to the 20th floor and drywall is being installed on the interior suite walls on the 16th floor.  Taping of the drywall is following closely behind.

Selene at Metrogate

Once complete, Selene at Metrogate will be home to 296 suites and stand 31 storeys.  Conveniently located near Kennedy Road and Hwy 401, Selene is the seventh phase of the successful Metrogate community.


The Metrogate Community

Metrogate is a LEED® for Neighbourhood Development (ND) certified Silver community and was selected from over 300 communities across North America to participate in the United States Green Building Council (USGBC) LEED® ND pilot program.

Built with Metrogate Park located at its heart, the Metrogate community is located at Kennedy Rd and Hwy 401, minutes to the Don Valley Parkway and TTC access.  For those who enjoy retail therapy, Scarborough Town Centre and Kennedy Commons are conveniently close by.

For more information on the Metrogate community, including Prices and Floorplans of select remaining suites at Avani 2, visit Tridel Live for a virtual tour.