An Update on Islington Terrace

An Update on Islington Terrace

The July 2019 Construction Update

Construction on-site at Islington Terrace has been progressing well over the last few months.

At present, outside walls and windows are 90% complete up to the 36th floors.  From the 37th to the 39th floors, work on the windows are approximately 70% complete.

Plumbing and electrical rough-ins are in progress throughout the building and the on-site teams are now starting work on interior finishes of the suites.

Interior Finishing of Suites Ongoing

Inside Islington Terrace, work has also been moving forward.  Kitchen installations are now complete up to the 17th floor and crews have now begun work on the 18th floor.  Additionally, tiling, such as bathroom finishes, as applicable, is well underway, with the 21st floor complete and work on the 22nd and 23rd floors now ongoing.

Work on Amenity Spaces Continues

Construction has also been progressing on the community’s common areas and amenity spaces.  At present, work continues on the Lobby, including the stunning curved staircase in the grand lobby, and the Party Room.  The Recreational facilities, including the Spinning and Yoga Room, are nearly completed and delivery of fitness equipment is expected by late autumn.  Outside, landscaping of the 2nd floor amenity terrace is also progressing well and is expected to be completed by the end of summer.

Work on the Grand Terrace Staircase is also progressing well.  While a temporary stairwell was installed to ensure local residents easy access to and from Cordova Avenue,  the new staircase will provide not only a stunning focal point in the community, it will also provide a pedestrian friendly, accessible link to Islington Avenue and the Islington Station at Bloor Subway.

About Islington Terrace

The first of three towers in this successful west Toronto community. Islington Terrace will stand 45 storeys and be home to 430 suites.  The community will also feature approximately 26,000 sq. ft. of spectacular indoor and outdoor family friendly amenity space in the heart of Etobicoke’s City Centre.

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