Via Bloor Rising Above Bloor

Via Bloor Rising Above Bloor

Via Bloor Photography by Jasonzed at Urban Toronto

Since our last look at Via Bloor, construction of this downtown community has been progressing well and the profiles of the two towers are now rising above Bloor Street East.

Forming The Towers

Currently, the on-site teams are forming concrete on both towers, working on the 15th floor of Phase 1 (the east tower) and on the 11th floor of Phase 2 (the west tower).   The process of forming a residential tower is actually quite interesting.  First, the forming on-site team moves the ‘forms’ into place using a crane coordinated by Tridel’s on-site team.  These forms are mostly wood constructions (with metal trusses supporting the structure) that basically work the same way a baking tin does when you’re baking cakes of a specific shape.  Once the forms are lined up, the onsite teams lay down the rebar that reinforces the concrete and the conduit, which house the electrical and mechanical lines.  Then, concrete is poured, creating the floor.  Once the concrete is smoothed and dried, the crane hoists the forms upwards into the air and into position to create the next floor.  This is the reason we call the forms “flying forms”.

As the towers rise, the trades move into the newly constructed towers to begin the next stages of construction, working upwards as the tower rises.  At present, window installation has already begun on the podium level of Via Bloor and soon, those walking past the site will be able to watch the towers be enclosed by windows as progress moves above the height of the construction hoarding.

About Via Bloor 1 and 2

Located at Bloor and Parliament, with impressive views of the city skyline and Rosedale Ravine, the Via Bloor community is beautifully positioned within easy walking distance of both the food and fun of The Danforth to the east and the upscale shopping, dining, and entertainment of the Bloor-Yorkville neighbourhood. To learn more about Via Bloor, including prices and floorplans of our select few remaining suites, visit our Via Bloor website.

Via Bloor Details:

Sales Start Date:  February 2017

Construction Start Date: February 2018

Number of Suites:  Tower 1 – 372, Tower 2 – 388

Storeys: Tower 1 – 37, Tower 2 – 45