Window Installation Begins at Selene at Metrogate

Window Installation Begins at Selene at Metrogate

Selene Construction Update

Since our last construction update, progress at our Selene at Metrogate community has been progressing well.  At present, our on-site construction team is working on forming and pouring concrete up to the 21st level.  Additionally, electrical risers are complete up to the 15th floor and conduits have been installed up to the 20th floor.  Conduits are essentially like a pipe which is run throughout the building and houses the electrical wiring. Mechanical work is also progressing well and standpipes are complete up to the 18th floor.

Window installation begins at Selene at Metrogate

Exterior Work Progressing Well

In other exciting news, installation of windows officially commenced in late October, with the first windows being installed in the ground floor amenities.   Having started with the ground floor,  the on-site teams will gradually work their way upwards, enclosing each floor as they move up the building’s exterior.  At present, the site teams are  installing windows on the 6th floor of Selene.

Other Major Milestones

With the parking garage structure nearing completion, the north construction crane has been removed. Trades are now working on filling the crane opening and have begun work on the exterior finishes of garage.

About Selene at Metrogate

Once complete, Selene at Metrogate will house 296 suites and stand 31 storeys. Conveniently located near Kennedy Road and Hwy 401, Selene is the seventh phase of the successful Metrogate community.