New Home Action Planner

After decades of experience and along with the shared wisdom of thousands of our customers, we have created this step-by-step planner for you to follow before you close and move into your new Tridel home.

While not every step below applies to every homeowner, we suggest reviewing the entire planner in advance so that you know exactly what to expect and when.

If you have any questions about your new home experience contact our C3 Team at or 416-661-9394.

4 Months Before Your Occupancy Date

If you don’t already have a lawyer, now is the time to hire one!

We have a list of helpful tips on why you need lawyer and how to select one that has high-rise experience. We also recommend a few lawyers who specialize in real estate, especially when it comes to condominium law, and who have helped many of our past customers. Once you have selected your lawyer, please let us know by emailing us at

Not sure if you have already provided us with your lawyers information? You can confirm what information we have on file for your lawyer by logging into the portal.

3 Months Before Your Occupancy Date

Your current Final Tentative Occupancy Date automatically becomes a Firm Occupancy Date unless we require additional time. You will be informed formally in writing at least ninety (90) days before that date. We generally do not change dates at this stage and will only move your date if there have been unforeseen construction delays or in an emergency (e.g. trade strike or material delay).

With the transition of your date to Firm, you should be contacting both your lawyer and your financial institution to inform them of your Firm Occupancy Date. They may need you to complete certain steps and gather the necessary information you will need for future meetings with them.

Now is also a good time to connect with your realtor about listing your current home for sale, or give notice to your landlord.

When you bought your home, as outlined in your Agreement of Purchase & Sale (APS), you committed to providing us with information on how you planned to close your home and to provide, regardless of the method, a formal letter of Mortgage Approval from an accredited major Canadian financial institution. This letter was due within 30 days of the signing of your APS.

In most cases our customers plan to use a conventional Mortgage, while others may use a line of credit or other means. There are some customers who wish to pay a portion or their entire balance of the purchase price at Interim Closing or some may even choose to pay cash at Final Closing where they never actually take a Mortgage. All are possible options for you.

While you have a lot to consider with your lender and family, if you are choosing to change your financial arrangements with us, it needs to be done at least 60 days prior to the creation of your New Home Closing Package when our lawyers prepare the closing documents to send to your lawyer. We create these packages about four to six weeks before your Firm Occupancy Date.

Sample Mortgage Checklist

Looking forward there are quite a number steps that will need to be completed next month.

Why not jump ahead and tackle some of them early?

2 Months Before Your Occupancy Date

Now is the time to have a conversation with your lawyer to confirm the closing process as well as gather the list of documents and information you’ll need to ensure you are prepared. You will likely need to connect again with your lawyer approximately two weeks prior to your Occupancy Date to finalize certain details.

Our lawyers will start preparing the legal documents for your New Home Closing Package about four to six weeks before your Occupancy Date. Should you wish to update or change information relating to your Agreement (i.e. increase your deposits, change how you are Taking Title, etc.) you will want to do this by contacting our C3 team at Be sure to do this well in advance to avoid additional legal costs.

If you are moving into your new home, you will want to schedule any moving arrangements well in advance, including a moving company (if required) and the booking the community moving elevator. This will ensure plenty of scheduling options are still available. Although we recommend reserving early, we generally can accommodate your preferred times.

Elevator bookings are made through your community website or your Concierge and are typically 3 – 4 hours in length. You will need to reserve the moving elevator for your major move and for deliveries. Click here to select your community and homeowner resources, allowing you to view our handy “Moving Day” card with specific community contact information, hours, elevator dimensions and tips to help make moving easy.

TV and Internet offerings will vary by community. During your Homeowner Orientation you will be provided with a detailed package that will make signing up with your community’s telecommunications provider(s) fast and easy.

All of the providers we work will need you to coordinate directly with them at least two weeks in advance of when you will want active service. Also, don’t forget to cancel your current service at your old home by notifying your existing provider after you have made arrangements for your new home!

Your community utilities (i.e. amenity spaces, lobby, etc) are covered as part of your monthly Maintenance Fees. Your in-suite utilities, however, are metered separately and individually so you only pay for what you use. This gives you more control over the costs and your comfort. Provident Energy Management provides professional energy management for your home and community and will be coordinating the monthly billing for your electricity, hot water, heating and air conditioning use.

We’ve made registering for your utilities easy by including the necessary Provident forms in the New Home Closing Package provided to your lawyer. Expect your first bill from Provident about six weeks after your Occupancy Date.

Other than contacting your current utility provider(s) to give notice, you don’t need to make any other preparations for your utilities at this time.

All homeowners are required to carry Homeowners Insurance whether you personally occupy or are going to lease your suite. This is a good time to start shopping around for coverage.

Insurance companies tend to ask a number of standard questions about the way your home is being built in order to provide you with the appropriate coverage. By clicking here, selecting your community and homeowner resources will be helpful in answering those questions.

Your lawyer may request your certificate of coverage as part of the closing process one to two weeks before your Occupancy Date so be sure to be prepared with all of the necessary documentation.

Each condominium will have insurance coverage for the Common Areas and what is typically called the Standard Unit. For more information of what the Standard Unit is, please refer back to the informational CD or USB flash drive provided to you when you purchased your home. Please note that this insurance will NOT provide you with full coverage – most Standard Unit bylaws include most of the finishes we build in your home, but may exclude certain finishes such as countertops and flooring.

What coverage do you need?

  • Protection for your possessions and any upgrades you have (or are going to make) to your home, as well as coverage for the flooring and countertops, commonly known as All Risk or All Perils insurance.
  • Liability insurance with a minimum of $2,000,000.
  • Insurance that would cover the Condominium Corporation’s deductible, for responsibilities you are accountable for.

Other Considerations?

  • It is a good idea to have an accommodations provision in your policy typically know as a Loss of Use provision. Loss of use coverage is part of a home insurance policy that provides coverage for costs a homeowner may incur if he or she has to stay in temporary housing because their home is uninhabitable. This type of coverage, known as “additional living expenses,” pays for hotel stays or a temporary apartment, reasonable food costs, and more.
  • If you plan to rent out your home, it is advisable to require in your lease agreement that tenants must also carry Tenants Insurance. This is typically low cost and helps to protect them in the event of a significant unplanned event.

The Homeowner Orientation (HOO) is the orientation to your new community and includes the Pre-Delivery Inspection (PDI) for your suite. At most communities, we target these appointments to occur approximately four weeks before your occupancy date and will be contacting you at approximately two months prior to schedule that appointment.

To better prepare you for your HOO, please refer to the Homeowner Resources we have provided you on Explore here to discover all you need to know before heading into your orientation. The Tarion Homeowner Information Package is another great resource that will provide guidance on what to expect and look out for during your PDI and orientation.

Canada Post will inspect the readiness of a community and will only coordinate mail delivery to the address once there are a sufficient number of residents moved into the condominium. During the Homeowner Orientation, the team will advise you of what the initial mail arrangements will be at the time you move in to your home. Mail will either be available from a local postal depot or delivered directly to the community.

There are many details to coordinate at the time of occupancy and when moving in, so we recommend updating your mail, license, health card and other services early. When ready, simply visit the links below for a quick and easy transition:

Forwarding Mail with Canada Post
License & Health Card

1 Month Before Your Occupancy Date

As we are nearing your Occupancy Date, we advise you review the planner steps listed above and complete any outstanding items. Timing will become more critical the closer you are to your Occupancy Date.

Our lawyers will start preparing your New Home Closing Package approximately four weeks before your Occupancy Date. You should reach out to your lawyer about one month prior to closing and book an appointment to meet with them (roughly two weeks before your Occupancy Date). You will want to confirm what items you will need to bring or do in advance of that appointment. During your meeting, your lawyer will review the New Home Closing Package with you and have you sign copies of all of the necessary documents.

Meeting Information

  • Confirm with your lawyer if you are Interim Closing or directly Final Closing
  • Typical items to bring to when you meet with your lawyer
    • Lawyers will ask you for a copy of the TARION Certificate of Completion and Possession (CCP). For your convenience our lawyers have included a copy of the CCP in the electronic Legal New Home Closing Package of documents given to your lawyer directly
    • Government issued photo identification for each purchaser
    • Proof Home Insurance
  • If you are Interim Closing
    • A series of six to twelve postdated cheques for Occupancy Fees
    • A certified cheque for the first Occupancy Fee payment called the Stub Period (The first complete month and the balance of the partial month in which you are taking occupancy)
    • A series of void cheques for utility providers
    • Any outstanding deposits
  • If you are directly final closing
    • 12 Post Dated cheques for maintenance fees
    • Balance of outstanding funds
    • A series of void cheques for utility providers

Be sure to attend your Homeowner Orientation (HOO) which includes the Pre-Delivery Inspection (PDI) for your suite.  At most communities, these appointments are usually scheduled approximately four weeks before your occupancy date.  If we haven’t been in touch with you to schedule your HOO by this time, please contact us as soon as possible so that we can coordinate your appointment.

What you need to know about your HOO:

  • Our appointments are generally 2 hours in length and are coordinated Monday – Friday between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. We are also happy to schedule early mornings, after hours and weekends upon request.
  • Before your appointment, we will be sending you a short survey as we may need additional information from you. Please click here (HOO Survey) so we can make sure we are ready to welcome you.
  • We inspect and review the care and maintenance of your home, so in order to focus and learn all the important details of your home, we recommend that you and perhaps at most two others attend with you.
  • If your plans change please notify us at least one-business day before (cancellations may incur costs or limit special request times).
  • Since we are still under construction, we recommend comfortable casual clothing and footwear (closed toe with socks). At the time of your appointment, you will be provided with safety hats and steel toe shoes (if required).
  • Go to Homeowner Resources for the HOO on to learn more

Not able to attend?
If you cannot attend your HOO, we can help. The HOO is arranged according to the Construction Schedule so we have a limited time frame for when we can coordinate appointments. If you think you may not be able to attend your HOO, you have the ability to appoint a Designate (such as your Broker or family friend over 18 years of age) by filling out our Designation of Agent Form and returning it to us. Please be sure to inform your Designate that you’ve given them this important responsibility and that they are available to conduct the appointment on your behalf.

While it is always better if you or your Designate participate in the HOO, if neither of you are available there is no need to worry as we can conduct a thorough HOO on your behalf. At a later date, we will work with you to coordinate a convenient date and time to provide you with an orientation and warranty review.

We know that staying in touch is a key factor in community enjoyment. We have established an online community that connects you to your neighbours and Property Management Team so you can stay in the loop about your community.

We are currently using the BuildingLink platform and every purchaser should have received an email on how to log in. If you haven’t received these credentials, please contact your on-site Property Management Team, or the C3 team at, who will coordinate the set up for you. The BuildingLink website allows you to book amenities, interact with other residents, look up helpful resources and documents and much more!

2 Weeks Before Your Occupancy Date

We are only a few weeks away from your Occupancy Date! We advise you take another look at the planner steps listed above and be sure to check off any outstanding items prior to closing.

Meet with your lawyer to complete the New Home Closing Package for your home. For information about preparing for this meeting, please view the 1 Month Before Occupancy lawyers section.

You will be receiving Property Management Registration forms that, if completed in advance, will speed up the process of picking up your keys and activating your community access devices (e.g. fob and transponders). Completed forms can be submitted to

The important information you provide on your forms will also allow your Concierge and Del Property Management team to effectively monitor access to your community, respond in an emergency and serve you and your guests better. The forms ask that you submit details on:

  • Accessibility Information
  • License and Vehicle Information (to activate parking transponders)
  • Phone Numbers for the Community Enterphone System (electronic directory for guests)
  • Lease Information
  • Children
  • Pet’s

We recommend reserving the moving elevator early to ensure you lock in the time most convenient for you, though we generally can accommodate your preferred times. Click here to select your community and homeowner resources, allowing you to view our handy “Moving Day” card with specific community contact information, hours, elevator dimensions and tips to help make moving easy.

On Your Occupancy Date

After both your lawyer and ours have confirmed your closing on your Occupancy Date, we are able to release your Community Access & Key Package to you. This includes your suite, mail, and common area keys as well as other community access devices.

Unless you have made other arrangements with us, your package will be with the Concierge, allowing for convenient 24/7 access for pick-up. If someone is picking up your keys for you, please let us know in advance so that we can update the information provided to the Concierge and ensure the process is smooth for your representative. Please note that photo ID will be requested from the person picking up the Community Access & Key Package.

We will immediately contact you through email and by phone as soon as your package is ready for pick-up from your Concierge. As this usually happens late in the afternoon on your Occupancy Date, we recommend you schedule your move-in on the following day or at a later date.

Your Closing Package will include a list of all repairs completed in your suite since your Homeowner Orientation. This is also located digitally on

It is important that you take the time to double-check your suite upon closing and before moving in. A Closing Inspection Form will be included in your package which you can fill out should you feel we have not completed the repairs properly or notice anything new (please click here for our on-line form).

Please pay special attention to identifying scratches, scuffs and dents as it can be difficult to identify the cause of damage after you move in. We want to be sure not to confuse issues that may be warrantable with damage your movers may have caused. Please return your Closing Inspection form to us at or you can leave it with your Concierge.

After Your Occupancy Date

Now that you have picked up your New Home Closing Package and submitted your Closing Inspection report, it’s time to move in! Click here to select your community and homeowner resources, allowing you to view our handy “Moving Day” card with specific community contact information, hours, elevator dimensions and tips to help make moving easy.

Remember to book the moving elevator through your community website or Concierge as it is necessary for your large move and deliveries. Please note that as you unpack, large boxes and oversize garbage bags should be left in the community garbage room and not placed down the garbage or recycling chutes.

While we make every effort to ensure your new Tridel home is problem-free, we know that from time-to-time you may have in-suite service concerns. Service requests can be submitted online to or through our Tridel Home Service App available from the Google Play or iTunes stores.

Condominiums, unlike low-rise homes or resale purchases, have a staggered or two-stage closing process. The two stages are called Interim Closing and Final Closing. Typically, those suites on the lower half of the community will first Interim Close on their Occupancy Date, and then Final Close at a later date. Suites in the upper half of the community will often have a direct or “straight” Final Closing on their Occupancy Date.

At Interim Closing, customers can take possession of their suite and can move in at their leisure. Homeowners are required to pay a monthly Occupancy Fee based on the estimated realty taxes, maintenance fees and interest on the unpaid balance of their home. These fees will continue until Final Closing.

Registration of a community is a process by which the condominium’s declaration and description are formally approved by the City once all requirements are satisfied. A condominium corporation number is issued for the particular building, thereby forming the Condominium Corporation.

Following the registration of a condominium, it typically takes our lawyers approximately two weeks to generate the balance of the formal documents for Final Closing that would officially transfer title. We will then provide all necessary documentation to your lawyer. This will allow approximately two weeks for you to coordinate your mortgage or other financing needed to receive full title to your suite at the time of Final Closing. Generally, all homeowners who have Interim Closed will Final Close on a particular day – we will be notifying you of this date. Those with an Occupancy Date that falls after Final Closing of the community will Final Close on their current Occupancy Date.