Built for Respect

The first community we build is our own and it is it is built on the strong foundations of: integrity, respect and professionalism. This is what Built for Respect is all about.

Our workforce reflects the wonderfully diverse communities in the GTA where we build. We are a community that embraces diversity, equity and inclusion. This is our strength.

Built for Respect also means creating places free of racism and BAHD (Bullying, Abuse, Harassment, Discrimination) behaviours.

We believe it is a shared responsibility of everyone to support anti-racism and Built for Respect is our commitment.

Built for Respect

We all come from different backgrounds however, we share one workplace culture.

We are partnering with our trades, consultants, customers and industry associations to proactively eliminate racism and extend our support of anti-racism beyond our workplace.

Our Built for Respect mandate works to provide clarity on what is expected and what will not be tolerated so together we can ensure our workplace remains equitable and inclusive for everyone.

We Believe

  • Everyone deserves respect in the workplace.
  • Respect is as simple as the “golden rule” – treat people as you would like to be treated.

Anti-Racism – We Need to Work Together

Together, we can protect our community and keep it strong through:

  • Recognition that acts of racism are not isolated events and that systemic racism exists.
  • Workplace practices and policies that support anti-racism.
  • Mandatory training for every employee to build awareness and proactively prevent acts of racism or BAHD (Bullying, Abuse, Harassment, Discrimination) behaviours.
  • Ongoing head office and on-site meetings such as Toolbox Talks focused specifically on the topic of racism.
  • Partnerships with other developers and associations, like RESCON and BILD, who are committed to promoting anti-racism across the industry.

Zero Tolerance

Our priority is to proactively eliminate racism. If any acts occur, a review will be immediately initiated. Depending on circumstances, consequences will range from progressive discipline up to and including suspension, termination or permanent removal from our workplace.

If You See Something, Say Something

We want to be sure that if you see something, you say something. Any act that puts someone at risk physically, psychologically or otherwise, should be reported immediately.

By filling out the incident form below, there will be a CONFIDENTIAL response from members of our People & Culture team.

Please provide as much detail as possible so that the best action can be taken.

If you have ideas on how we can we improve, please send them us here.