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Construction Camera and Updates

We understand that as construction of The Well progresses, you want to know how it will affect you and your neighbourhood. These updates provide you important information on construction progress to help minimize the impact to your daily routine. 


December 2019 – Construction Update


The on-site team at The Well has been working on exciting things at your community. 
Below are some highlights and key milestones reached: 

Shoring and excavation have been completed. 

The pouring of concrete for the commercial component of the project is currently at Ground floor. 


Design Appointments are starting this spring. Keep an eye out for an email from The Lobby with more details about your appointment. To get the most out of your new home design experience, take advantage our 2020 Design Workshops. Learn more about them here.    

As construction progresses, we closely monitor our schedules so we can keep you informed along the way. We are looking forward to the next phase of construction at your community.  

Below is what’s next: 

Forming is anticipated to complete December 2021. 

Occupancies are anticipated to start September 2022. 


We will continue to update you throughout this project and let you know if our schedules change. Please check this page once a month.  

Live From the Well

 Check back often to see live progress from our on-site construction feed which is updated every 15 minutes.


Sustainable Heating & Cooling Design

Enwave is extending its existing Deep Lake Water Cooling and hot water distribution networks by building a new energy storage facility underneath The Well.


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