MAY 2021




The Well is capturing the imagination of its neighbourhood and has currently leased approximately 110,000 square feet of space dedicated to eat, shop and work.

60,000 sq. ft. has been reserved for a series of distinct eateries curated by one of Canada’s leading hospitality companies. Additionally, a further 5,600 square foot kitchen and 11,000 square foot restaurant on top of the office tower have been leased.

In terms of work, 85% of the office space has been leased to the likes of Shopify, Intuit and Index Exchange, among others. And approximately 24,000 square feet of space has been leased to Sweat and Tonic, an advanced, luxury fitness hub that provides world-class Yoga, Ride, HIIT, and Pilates classes within three state-of-the-art studios, as well as personal training facilities, cafe, bar, lap pool, spa, beauty, and community spaces. Finally, to date, 16,000 square feet of space has also been leased to Shoppers Drug Mart, offering The Well residents essential goods just steps from their door.

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