Yonge St., North of Finch

Forever Yonge

Yonge Street defines urban retail, offering an alchemy of shops and services, from boutiques to big-box brands. Explore the dynamic area around 6080 Yonge, and discover a diverse mix of places to eat, shop and relax.

Aerial View of 6080 Yonge

The streets of North York are alive with a unique energy flowing from diverse cultures.

Restaurants and Bars

Sensory Panorama

Culinary adventure lines the neighbourhood’s streets, from boutique bars and quaint cafés, to gourmet dining and haute gastronomy.

6080 Yonge Neighbourhood Restaurants and Bars
Parks and Clubs

A Natural Advantage

Surrounded by established residential neighbourhoods, 6080 Yonge offers access to a wonderful variety of parks and recreational facilities.

6080 Yonge Neighbourhood Parks and Clubs

The World Stage

Close to 6080 Yonge, a number of outstanding venues bring an array of amusements that make life richer.

6080 Yonge Neighbourhood Entertainment

6080 Yonge gives you a multitude of options for easily getting around the city by car and transit.

Yonge Subway Extension

The proposed Yonge North Subway Extension* will broaden TTC service from Finch Station to Richmond Hill, transforming commuting in North York. Getting around from 6080 Yonge is already a breeze but will be even easier with a new station just minutes away.

Proposed Yonge North Subway Extension

*All information pertaining to the Yonge North Subway Extension comes from Metrolinx public record and remains wholly their responsibility. Tridel holds no accountability for the veracity of Metrolinx’s claims.

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