Building Green

Tridel is proud to be a 13 time recipient of the Green Builder Of The Year Award by the Building Industry Land Development (BILD).


The Story of Our Committment

Since 2000, we’ve recognized the potential to align our development interests and environmental concerns while noting that better-run buildings are more efficient, have positive environmental impact, and produce savings for our homeowners. Three years later, they launched our first green community (Element, 2003) as well as Tridel’s Built Green Built for Life® Program.

Photo of father and son in forest

To everyone at Tridel, being green is about more than just the environment; it is about doing our part to positively impact all those around us in the unique ways that we can. We see it going beyond our homeowners and the land that we develop, extending to the city and neighbouring communities where we can build capacity for education, employment and community.

Built for the Greener Good

We build with intentional and thoughtful design to conserve more energy, water and resources than any standard Building Code compliant buildings. A typical Tridel Built Green Built for Life® building consumes, on average, 34% less electricity, 57% less natural gas and 43% less potable water than a Model Reference Building. It also reduces Greenhouse Gas Emissions (GHG) by 41%, with construction waste diversion of 83%.

Tridel condos make up more than 20% of all high-rise LEED® projects in Ontario, with 10 million square feet of LEED® Silver or Gold certified and candidate buildings.