We take our leadership role seriously. Everything we do has an impact on condo living in the GTA and to remain a leader we need to continue innovating and carving out the path for the next generation of homebuilders. Only then can we shape the landscape of condo living in the GTA.

At Tridel, our relentless commitment to innovation and quality is deeply ingrained in our culture, and as an industry leader we have a responsibility to positively influence and shape the industry as a whole.

- Bruno Giancola, SVP, Project Management and Innovation & Sustainability



We’ve been a leader in home building for over 85 years. Our founders envisioned a better future and worked to leave our world a better place than they found it. While today we’re passionate about building condominium homes, our story is about more than the buildings we construct.

Continually inspiring us to be modern day pioneers, our founders redefined the definition of “home” by transcending the physical properties of bricks and mortar into a lifestyle and community that connects us to each other, our surroundings and our planet. This idea transformed the industry and the concept of how we defined a home is now recognized as the most innovative, sustainable concept in building new homes and communities.


We build communities, but the first community we build is our own.

This past year, we kicked off our Built for Respect campaign in partnership with Ellis Don, the Labourers’ International Union of North America- Local 183, Residential Construction Council of Ontario (RESCON) and Building Industry & Land Development Association (BILD), to tackle and ideally eliminate racism within the construction industry. It is the beginning of our shared commitment to end discrimination through awareness, education, discussion and honest evaluation. It marks the first step towards the creation of real change.

This endorsement by industry associations showcases that strong action is needed to make a positive impact in the fight against racism. Partnering with various industry associations is vital because we are stronger together.

With the support of Major John Tory and Minister Monte McNaughton, we are committed to proactively working to end discrimination and eliminate racism in our communities, our industry, and our city. The Built for Respect initiative at Tridel was developed to focus on Diversity, Equity & Inclusion which will be driven by a Steering Committee, made up of employees at all levels and across all teams of the organization. We have a two-to-five-year plan which demonstrates the sustained commitment of our company to going beyond our own workforce to support industry and communities where we build.


At Tridel, we take humble, yet tremendous pride that our brand is synonymous with integrity, quality, customer service, innovation and sustainability. We understand that our success is the result of a clear, shared purpose throughout our organization and partnerships. Our core values are intrinsic to everything that we do and we adopt a culture that has a deep commitment and responsibility to continue to lead, advance and influence the industry.

We want to be the leader in creating and building quality condominium communities for each of our valued customers and we understand that we cannot do this without having the principals of quality, innovation, customer service and community involvement ingrained into how we do business.


“As a market leader, we need to stay ahead and to do that is to be creative and come up with the different and better solutions to the same problems.”
– Martin Piotrowski, Director, Information Systems

Our Built for Life® motto isn’t just reflective of the guaranteed quality in construction of each of our communities; it extends to our promise to build for everyday life, to promote a lifestyle that is unique and convenient for each and every one of our homeowners.

To continue to remain an environmentally “best-in-class” company, we continue to develop and implement new, forward-thinking sustainable ideas with the goal of enhancing and improving our approach to construction, product design, and sustainable development. We challenge ourselves to push boundaries and become early adopters of emerging sustainability practices. The innovative systems used to operate our communities save time, money, energy and our planet.


Forward thinking and innovative, the NetZED™ (Net Zero Energy Dwelling) suite, located in our Aqualina project, is a self-contained suite which produces as much energy as it consumes. In this all electric dwelling, electricity produced from the sun is equal to the electricity consumed by the suite creating a net zero consumption at the end. Pushing the boundaries of sustainable design, it contains an array of sustainable innovations as well as sophisticated monitoring tools to assess the environmental footprint of the suite. 

NetZED™ Wins the Inspiring Home Award

Tridel and Hines were recognized with the Inspiring Home Award at the Canada Green Building Council Awards Night for the NetZed and Aqualina project. This award is presented to teams responsible for outstanding achievements of a high-performing sustainable residential project in Canada. The winning project demonstrates a healthy and sustainable living environment for people, contributes to the betterment of the community, and demonstrates a commitment to


Spanning over seven acres from Front Street to Wellington Street, The Well will feature three million sq. ft. of residential, entertainment, retail and workspace; all within one spectacular new community in the heart of downtown Toronto. It is the most ambitious mixed-use community currently under construction in the City of Toronto.

Careful planning and forward-thinking design will ensure The Well becomes not just a destination address, but an integral part of the city’s fabric. As the residential, commercial and retail buildings rise around it, one section of The Well includes the excavation of a deep cistern near the centre of the site. Once complete, The Well will be 260 ft deep and be situated only 14 m above sea level.

The cistern will connect to the Enwave Deep Lake Water Cooling (DLWC) system and a newly built hot water loop to provide heating and cooling to the 11,000 people who will live and work at The Well.

DLWC is a renewable, sustainable heating and cooling system for buildings interested in their environmental footprint and reduced costs. Benefits to the residents using the Enwave system include lower building maintenance costs as the building will not require the purchase, installation, maintenance and eventual replacement of expensive heating tanks and cooling towers. The system is inherently more energy efficient than traditional air conditioning and heating methods.

The construction of this new cistern at The Well will also serve as the hub of future expansion, allowing Enwave to offer this sustainable energy source to more customers, as the city develops.



Our goal is to put technology and control into the hands of our customers at the touch of a simple button, making life simpler for them. With successful launches of smart communities at Ten York and Aquabella, we continue to implement the next generation of smart-connected communities in our buildings.

We have begun incorporating internet as a utility and smart home technology in the living spaces and common elements of our communities. This includes smartphone-controlled door locks, increased access controls between the suites and common areas, HVAC controllers and thermostats, digital door locks and digital portals for 2-way communications with concierge, controlled through a wall-pad or smartphone. Other connected elements include the integration of automated parcel delivery systems and license plate recognition technology to automate the resident parking garage doors.


The Ten York Innovation Suite is a showcase home for exciting new technologies created to enhance the living experience and lifestyle of our homeowners and their guests. The intention is to make condo-living more comfortable, convenient and innovative. It is to show the best of the best for design and technology-forward living, most of which can be programmed and controlled with voice commands or a smartphone.

From improved connectivity that offers more control over suite features, to behind-the-scenes systems that subtly enhance the environment within, this suite truly takes condo living to the next level.

The Ten York Innovation Suite:

  • Expands basic voice controls to integrate separate items (i.e. “Watch a movie” will turn on the TV)
  • Closes blinds and dims lights through voice or the touch of a button
  • Monitors circuit consumption and the state of each circuit breaker to maximize efficiency
  • Includes smart plumbing fixtures and smart appliances
  • Controls water systems through voice command
  • Offers a vario-glass partition wall that changes from opaque to clear to increase or decrease privacy preferences


  • Continue to extend our leadership in sustainable development for the Multi-Unit Residential Building market by looking to other green Certification programs like Fitwel® and Energy Star® Multifamily High-Rise
  • Push the envelope to new types of construction methodologies like prefabrication to enhance quality while delivering on commitments to occupancy schedules
  • Utilize new construction management technologies to reduce the amount of errors in colour selections, upgrades and deficiencies on closing


Advancing construction practices and the processes of how we build, and improving the materials used to construct our communities not only guarantees a quality product, it paves the road for the next generation of homebuilding.

To maintain our renowned Tridel craftmanship, our evolution of construction considers increased sustainability practices throughout the project lifecycle to positively impact the environment. This is fundamental to influencing and advancing the industry, while delivering the best home to our customers.


Building Information Modeling (BIM) technology utilizes virtual reality to digitally represent a physical space. Partnering with the University of Toronto and Residential Construction Council of Ontario (RESCON), we are piloting BIM technology at our Via Bloor community, where we can walk through sections of the common elements in the community to view and inspect all finishes prior to the construction of the space. This will expedite development and construction timelines and potentially reduce construction waste across our sites.

As a future goal, BIM technology can be used to enhance the customer experience, where customers will have the ability to get a sneak peek of their home’s finishes and features before the construction of their suite. They will also be able to virtually walk through the common areas of their community for an unprecedented experience.

Toying with the sense of reality, BIM offers a very realistic 3D depiction of a space that has only been a conceptual design. This will not only revolutionize and enhance our customers’ home-buying journey, but the experience of our trade and consultant partners, alike.


Variable Refrigerant Flow

We have deployed Variable Refrigerant Flow Systems at Aquabella, which use heat pumps to heat and cool refrigerant, with refrigerant transporting the energy to and from the suite units, moving between them as altered by selector boxes. If one side of the building is in the sun and needs cooling, while the other side needs heating, refrigerant takes the energy from the one side that needs the cooling and transports it to where heating is required, preventing fighting demands in shoulder seasons.

Prefabricated Construction

Tridel is currently testing prefabricated construction in two of our communities, using hollow concrete shells prefabricated with rebar off-site, which then gets filled with poured concrete on-site. Prefabricated construction offers more control and flexibility and is a more efficient process. It is also eco-friendly and less wasteful as it is fabricated in a controlled environment.

New Heating and Cooling System

The heating system that has been introduced at our Form community is unique and offers tremendous benefits and improvements to our homeowners in terms of efficiency and comfort within their homes. The heating system (Jaga Climate Designers) is embedded into the concrete and the secondary cooling system (Daikin) is installed in the ceiling, which is an incredible space-saver. The heating and cooling systems work together to offer more efficient air distribution, as cooling comes from the ceiling and naturally falls, and heat is coming from the floor and naturally rises.

Carbon Cure Concrete

Paving the road for the real estate industry to be a key player in the carbon cap-and-trade economy in North America, Tridel is working with Carbon Cure Technology (CCT) to develop a technology that injects post-industrial carbon back into concrete, making each newly constructed building a permanent depository for carbon that otherwise would have been released to the atmosphere. We have utilized cast-in-place Carbon Cure concrete in our FORM community.

Leak Detection

We’re currently seeking to implement leak detection across our portfolio of new construction buildings to better serve our homeowners. The solution is designed to detect a leak at its early stages and notify management so that response times are improved, and damages can be mitigated.


Since our deepest commitment is to our customers and the service we offer them, we are constantly evolving ways in which to enhance how they – customers, neighbours, partners, trade partners, consultants and employees alike – experience all things Tridel.

Two of our biggest initiatives are through our Design Services and Customer Care teams, offering an unprecedented customer experience by improving the entire home-buying journey.


The Lobby – Tridel’s 8,000+ sf. Design Studio – allows for self-paced or guided appointments as purchasers view and select their finishes. A first-of-its-kind and providing a best-in-class customer experience, The Lobby showcases our award-winning interior design services. We’ve centralized our design studios from around the GTA with our in-house interior design expertise to elevate the Tridel experience for customers and potential purchasers alike. Learn More

The Lobby

Lifestyle Series:
Events and Workshops

The Lobby is also a meeting place for our customers to interact and connect with our teams. We hold many events through our Lifestyle Series.

The Design Services team offers Design Workshops which guide new purchasers through their entire design experience.

The Customer Care team offers Home Workshops to prepare homeowners for moving into their new Tridel home.

Interested in attending our Lifestyle Series: Events and Workshops?


The Tridel Customer Care team exists to provide Inspired, Committed and Extraordinary (ICE) service. Its success is reflected in higher customer and employee satisfaction, engagement, and loyalty. Over 97% of our customers report that they would buy a Tridel home again and refer family and friends. Many already have. We have a significant following of repeat buyers (over 4,000) and pride ourselves on our ability to create quality homes and exceptional experiences. Of all things we have built, the trust of our customers and employees is valued the most. Our repeat customers and long-term employees are the ultimate expression of that.

Fast and Easy because answers shouldn’t be hard to find. The Customer Connection Centre (C3) is more than a call centre. It is a hub where we have consolidated our customer communications into a more powerful, effective resource; one that provides you with an easy and convenient way to connect with us. Want to connect with us:
Email: | Phone: 416.661.9394

Customer Care Promise


At Tridel, we have been actively involved in advocacy and leadership roles in the industry by committing to many sustainability and green committees and boards including:

  • Green Committee at Building Industry and Land Development Association (BILD)
  • Ontario Building Code Conservation Advisory Council representing BILD’s high-rise industry (Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing)
  • Toronto Green Standard (TGS) Update Committee
  • Toronto Green Roof Steering Committee
  • LEVEL MURB mid and high-rise Green Building Certification Program Technical Steering Committee with EnerQuality and BILD
  • Cleantech and real estate startup advisory roles at MaRS and DMZ at Ryerson
  • Board of Directors at Residential Construction Council of Ontario (RESCON)

We recognize the importance of giving back to our industry. Our employees actively serve on a number of committees, boards or associations in various leadership roles including:

  • BILD, OHBA, TREB, Tarion
  • Industry Advisory Board (University of Toronto)
  • Innovation Advisory Board (George Brown)
  • Quality Assurance & Customer Experience Forum (BILD)
  • Board of Partnership for Advancing Youth Employment
  • REIC
  • Numerous local and international real estate and realtor associations

Most recently, we have partnered with Centre for Sustainability and Excellence (CSE) as part of our initiative to advance greater levels of CSR performance in our business practices. Leveraging our talent from within, we were able to certify three members of our team with the Certified Sustainability Practitioner Program (CSR-P) offered through CSE.


To be the best, we have to work with the best. Building responsibly and sustainably requires that we work together with industry suppliers and manufacturers that share our vision for reducing our effect on the environment while contributing where we can, to make a positive social impact. Collaborating with partners within the industry allow us to leverage our areas of expertise and together, implement our innovative ideas within our communities.


Whirlpool Canada, as a leading appliance provider for Tridel communities, has collaborated with Tridel through charity donations, innovation summits, CSR and sustainability initiatives.

Whirlpool Canada’s recipe for success includes smart innovation focused on improving lives every day through world-class products and services. There’s a variety of brands within the Whirlpool family including the Maytag®, KitchenAid® and Jenn-Air® brands, which means Tridel condo owners enjoy world-class appliances with a variety of options to fit their lifestyle.

Whirlpool, like Tridel, has a deep commitment to caring for the communities around us through its sustainability and CSR initiatives. Whether it’s developing high-performance appliances that conserve the earth’s resources, there are many ways Whirlpool works to minimize its impact on the planet. This includes the use of wind turbines in its facilities and earning the ENERGY STAR® Manufacturer of the Year Award eight of the last ten years. With a focus on communities as well as the earth, Whirlpool Canada is also a proud platinum sponsor of Habitat for Humanity Canada.

From around the world, to the community around you, to inside your condo, Whirlpool Canada brings greater impact to the Tridel promise of Built for Life®.



Tower Labs is a non-profit organization supported by Tridel and MaRS innovation hub to accelerate the adoption of green building products through on-site technology and product demonstration. An example of our collaboration with Tower Labs is the development of the ERV cores at 10 York which provides all the fresh air directly into the suites. By using a polymer core, the suites are able to recover both sensible and latent heat through recaptured humidity. This promotes higher energy savings as well as a better environment for millwork and wood finishes.


Options for Homes

Another way that we contribute to making Toronto a better place to live is through Deltera’s 20-year relationship with Options for Homes. Options is Canada’s largest developer of affordable ownership housing featuring a down payment support loan that helps purchasers become homeowners, on average, 10 years sooner. Options for Homes, is a mission-driven social enterprise that makes homeownership more affordable by developing high-quality homes with simple amenities, built by Deltera, in up-and-coming neighbourhoods.

In 1994, Options developed the first of three Condominiums in The Distillery District. Since then, they have made homeownership possible for over 3,000 people through 12 completed communities with three more currently in construction.

Supported by the Deltera Team, all purchasers enjoy tremendous client success support from the small but mighty team at Options. Through Deltera, we are committed to supporting Options’ mission of providing the opportunity for people of moderate means to put down deep roots in a community, build equity, and generally improve the quality of life for themselves and their children through homeownership.


Being leaders in the industry, we recognize the importance being at the forefront of innovation and emerging trends. We actively collaborate with academic institutions, like George Brown College, the University of Toronto, and Ryerson University where cutting-edge research in engineering, sustainability, and urban planning is happening. These partnerships have enabled us to explore topics like building envelope improvements, thermal break strategies in concrete slabs, stack effect in high rise buildings, virtual 3D building design and smart building control strategies.


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