Corporate Social Responsibility

At Tridel, Corporate Social Responsibility is much greater in scope and ambition than philanthropy or sustainable construction practices. It is to positively contribute to our society through the creation of healthy, beautiful communities. We believe doing good is simply good business.

Tridel Team at The Well Construction Site

We have a WISE CSR vision that focuses on Workplace, Industry, Society and Environment. Our mandate embraces sustainable business practices and includes initiatives like community economic development and engagement, corporate giving, employee development, our customer experience, innovation, and reducing our environmental impact.


We differentiate ourselves as a best place to work employer.


We invest in developing best practices to drive innovation that ensures positive sustainable growth and future opportunities.


We are committed to maximizing our collective impact by fostering social and economic well-being that lead to vibrant and strong communities.


We build communities that are sustainable, environmentally responsible, energy efficient, resilient and healthy places to live.

Chateau Auberge On The Park Aerial View

Corporate Giving

At Tridel, we support the communities where we build through strategic social investments. We also have a dedicated team of employees who are passionate change makers and will volunteer to support local initiatives.

These investments are aligned with our Corporate Social Responsibility mandate and support our WISE Vision: Workforce, Industry, Society, and Environment.

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Our Previous Reports

Our previous Corporate Social Responsibility Reports offer an opportunity to see how our impact has grown over the years.