Our people are the strength of our Company and the reason we remain the market leader year after year, decade after decade. We have hundreds of unique roles, a family of brands (Tridel Group of Companies) and endless career opportunities. Creative, unique and engaged people make this more than a job, but a long-term career. It is our responsibility to continue to be a best place to work and cultivate a culture where employees choose to dedicate their time to always doing the right thing.
We are a team, a collective, and we share our successes. As we continue to grow, one thing remains true - we’re stronger together.

- Jim Ritchie, Chief Operating Officer, Tridel Group of Companies


At Tridel, we care about building amazing communities, but the first community we build is our own. Our family extends to everyone who becomes a part of our community of employees. We know the first community we need to build is our own.  We believe our employees are the best in the industry.  We  attract the top talent and develop them into thought leaders, who thrive in a company culture of integrity and who are empowered to “do the right thing”. This is the secret to our success.


Culture means different things to different people. To create excellence, decade after decade, we need to preserve what works best, while allowing for change. We know that every employee adds something great to our culture. While it is always evolving, our core beliefs and ideals are timeless. While many are rooted in our history and lives through every employee who does whatever it takes to carry on the proud tradition of Tridel.

We understand that investing in our culture is vital to our business. Our employees’ commitment and our strong values allow us to remain competitive as we strive to always doing the right thing as a company; we want to continue to deliver the best experiences for our customers and our communities and ensure our future market-leading success. Investing in our employees so that they are empowered and part of a community contributes to our high retention rates and lengthy employee tenure.

Culture and Engagement Study

We are committed to continuously evolving and improving the employee experience. We recently launched our very first Culture and Engagement Study and received a response rate of over 90%. In the confidential survey, conducted by a third-party consultant, employees gave meaningful insight into how they feel and perceive their work at Tridel. The results, which were shared with all employees, will inform future initiatives that will enhance our employee experience.


Our People & Culture team drives various initiatives to ensure Tridel employees work in a positive, engaging, and fun environment, preserving the aspects of our culture that make us great, while evolving it so we are competitive. They ensure that the corporate values instilled by our founder, Jack DelZotto, are maintained across the Company having strong family values present in a modern work environment. Our People & Culture team give a voice for what’s important to our employees and guide the development of a cohesive and healthy culture within Tridel.

Workplace - P&C Advisory

Leadership 101

To ensure readiness for the next generation of Tridel change-makers and the continuation of our shared leadership approach, we engaged a third-party consultant to build capacity in our leadership teams. Current and new managers receive the necessary training and development to set them and their teams up for success in their leadership roles.

Tridel Learning

Our Learning Management program was launched to make training and development accessible for all employees regardless of geographic location. This ensures employees can keep up to date on the latest self-development opportunities to further their careers, as well as policies and procedures to keep them engaged and informed on organizational practices.

Management Foundations

Built off our successful Leadership 101 program, Management Foundations is a training for both new and existing leaders designed to help managers refine and develop their core leadership skills.


We all come from different backgrounds; however, at Tridel/Deltera, we share one workplace culture. We often say the first community we build is our own and it is our responsibility to continue to build a community whose culture is built on the strong foundations of integrity, respect and professionalism. We are a community that embraces diversity.


Anti-Racism – We Need to Work Together

Internally, we have created a Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Steering Committee so we may proactively address and eliminate racism and other BAHD (Bullying, Abuse, Harassment, Discrimination) behaviours. Our mandate is to protect our culture of inclusion and to keep it strong through:

  • Recognition that acts of racism are not isolated events and that systemic racism exists;
  • Workplace practices and policies that support anti-racism;
  • Mandatory training for every employee to build awareness and proactively prevent acts of racism or BAHD behaviours;
  • Ongoing head office and on-site meetings specifically focused on the topic of racism; and
  • Partnerships with other developers and associations, like RESCON and BILD, who are committed to promoting anti-racism across the industry.


If You See Something, Say Something

Any act that puts someone at risk physically, psychologically or otherwise, should be reported immediately to a member of the Tridel/Deltera supervisory team or by using the anonymous web form found on


Every one of us has the ability to have an impact in what we do. We continue as modern-day pioneers, with a responsibility to constantly reassess what we build, how we build, where we build, and who we build for. It is our relentless pursuit to do it better each time. We know the risk of staying the same is far greater than the risk of change and we count on every employee to be our next innovator of market-leading change.


Take Action Team

Our Take Action Team is where employee passion meets our Company’s values. This team is an employee-led powerhouse group that promotes team-building and cohesion and is key to implementing events and initiatives both within the organization and in the community. Many of these planned events contribute meaningfully in the communities where we build, and beyond. Over the past year, 120 employees across the organization have volunteered 600 hours of their time to over 35 impactful events led by Tridel Take Action across the City of Toronto.

Feed the On-site

In the early stages of the COVID pandemic, when many workplaces were beginning to shift to remote working, our construction sites were deemed essential and remained open and operational. To show our appreciation to our on-site employees who kept our communities active, our Take Action team partnered with Feed the Frontlines TO to deliver lunches to our employees while supporting local Toronto restaurants.

Tridel Steps Up

Food security has become a major issue this year as food banks across the GTA struggle to meet the demand brought on by the pandemic. Through a step campaign, we challenged Tridel employees to ‘step up’ (literally!) to raise donations for FoodShare Toronto while encouraging them to get active at home as a way to maintain health and wellbeing. We clocked over 500,000 steps as an organization and our donations contributed to over 30 food baskets delivered to low-income households for five weeks.

Tridel Trivia

Keeping employees engaged, and entertained, during the pandemic, particularly while our workforce is split between construction sites, head office, and remote working had its challenges, but also opportunity. We have organized virtual Trivia on a monthly basis, with themes related to waste reduction to holiday facts, seeing the participation across our departments at each event.


MyCause is a space for Tridel employees to share their passion to be change-makers and engage fellow employees to support the causes that are important to them. If employees have a personal initiative that they are passionate about and it aligns with our WISE CSR vision, we encourage them to share their story and cause and gain the support of their work family.

Since launching MyCause this year, we have supported over 7 causes, some of which include CIBC Run for the Cure, Movember, and the Yorkville Run for Victim Services Toronto.


As one of our Core Values, we go above and beyond the standards that are set for Safety within our industry. Whether it’s our construction sites, head office or are a trade or partner – safety is a priority.


COVID-19 presents us with a unique set of challenges that are always evolving. Throughout this experience, however, one thing remains constant: our people-first health and safety mandate. After all, the first community we build is our own and it is our shared responsibility to protect it and to keep it safe.

Keeping our Employees Safe

The health and safety of all who enter our workplace – employees, customers, consultants, partners, and trade professionals – is our number one priority and a responsibility we all share. We needed to start working differently and implemented strict protocols so we can safety maintain operations during the pandemic.

The Tridel Health & Safety team introduced a number of new and enhanced safety measures both on-site and at our corporate offices, some of which include:

  • Daily, comprehensive sanitization and disinfecting throughout all work areas and new cleaning protocols for high-touch areas (e.g. door handles);
  • Thermal scanning and health check screening prior to site or office entry;
  • Installation of hand sanitizer stations at key strategic locations where soap and water are not readily available;
  • Mandating the use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and physical distancing, supported by signage and the installation of barriers and shields, where possible;
  • Installation of touchless wave-to-open door operators where possible;
  • Improvements to the HVAC system at our corporate office, including the installation of UV light air filters for better air quality;
  • Ensuring two (2) metres or more of separation between workstations or created measures to rebalance work times and duties or rotate schedules; and
  • Established procedures to manage employee access in and out of work locations.


We believe in proactive safety when it comes to our customers, employees and the greater community.

Our dedicated team of safety professionals is one of the largest in our sector. We have Safety teams for every one of our communities, including the Joint Health & Safety Committee at our corporate office, ensuring the well-being and safety of everyone, wherever we do business.  We are also on the leading edge of developing innovations in safety practices and programs, and are committed to ensuring our employees have the best training, equipment, and processes in place to ensure the safest workplace possible.

At Tridel, we go well beyond what is required of us by City and government agencies by constantly improving our health and safety programs through frequent and positive community relations as well as employee, trade and industry education. We partner with contractors and suppliers to create new products and safety measures that will not only enhance health and safety on Tridel sites but will improve health and safety for the industry as a whole. Regardless of the role or where our employees work, we see safety as extending beyond just hard hats and safety boots.

As an example, Deltera, a member of the Tridel Group of Companies specializing in the construction of high-rise developments, has invested in a product that tests and measures exposure to varying noise frequencies and provides individualized personalized hearing protection recommendations for every employee and worker based on their unique needs and surrounding work environment.

We are also innovating with the introduction and use of software to help automate and track health and safety documents on-site. Using a mobile application for smartphones and tablets, safety inspections are simplified and streamlined, and the data collected provides insight into areas where we can continue to improve worker safety.

To us, safety is not just physical, but psychological as well. It could be implementing a company-wide safety program, providing an ergonomic assessment, or ensuring that thoughts and ideas can be expressed in a safe place.

Maintaining Positivity & Mental Health

Recognizing that safety is not just physical, finding ways to boost mental health and well-being during these unprecedented times is equally as important.

Employees of Del Condominium Rentals understood the importance of setting a positive mindset and intentions and started weekly Meditation Mondays for employees across the Tridel Group of Companies.

Virtual sessions took place weekly and employees have access to resources to help find balance and calmness in their lives to support mental health.

In-House training
For Working at Heights and WHMIS

At Deltera, we brought training in-house for Working at Heights, a theoretical and practical training session for fall protection, and WHMIS, a theoretical training session that assists workers in identifying chemical hazards. One member of our Safety team has been certified to deliver Working at Heights training and five members of our team are certified to train employees and trade partners on WHMIS. Bringing the training in-house allows us to deliver a tailored training experience to employees and we re-train at a frequency above what is mandated by the Ministry of Labour.

Young Workers

The Young Workers Program was developed to ensure all young workers are trained, educated and involved in Health and Safety discussions early on. It highlights the importance of and our commitment to safety. Early education and training for the next generation of workers, including students, is necessary to prevent injuries to young workers while working on an active construction site.

Safety Products Catalogue

The Safety Products Catalogue is a list of Tridel/Deltera approved and regulated products to be used by our employees and trade partners. The catalogue is reviewed and updated with what is recommended for new products to ensure all out-of-date equipment is not used on any of our sites. Creating a product catalogue simplifies the process of ordering only approved equipment as well as provides an understanding of the correct equipment that should be used across various activities.

Safety Video Orientations

Our new safety video orientations aid in providing a consistent message to employees and workers across all our projects. The videos outline Deltera’s best practices while demonstrating real-life situations and responses that may be encountered on-site.


At Tridel, we created a unique award recognizing the dedication of our employees to promoting a culture of health and safety and ensuring our Safety, Never Compromised commitment is maintained. Our “Never Compromised” Safety in Excellence Award encompasses five main elements within our safety focus which are education, communication, innovation, compliance and administration.



Going above industry expectations, Deltera is seeking company-wide certification under the Certificate of Recognition Program (COR), a national standard for accreditation in occupational health and safety endorsed by the Canadian Federation of Construction Safety Associations. COR consists of 19 elements an organization must satisfy in order to be accredited and works to reduce incidents, accidents, and injuries in the workplace.


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