Environmental, Social, Governance

Social & Sustainable Impact

Supporting sustainable and prosperous communities is engrained in everything we do. We are excited to share our inaugural ESG Report, which includes our goals under three distinct pillars: Innovating for Sustainability, Empowering People & Communities, and Leading a Responsible Business. 

ESG Mission Statement

As a recognized leader of quality lifestyle communities in Canada, our ESG Mission is to work towards making net zero carbon a reality while promoting health and wellness, inclusivity, and prosperity in the communities where we build – including our own. We look to maintain trust with all stakeholders through a shared blueprint of business practices that will demonstrate our leadership in being accountable for our commitments so others may join us in the pursuit of a sustainable future for all.


Innovating for Sustainability

We are committed to being an environmental leader and know that decisions made today will have an impact on tomorrow. Our priority is minimizing our impact on the environment while building sustainable communities that are safe and healthy places to live.

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Empowering People & Communities

Being Built for Life® means going beyond building quality homes to contributing to strong, prosperous, and vibrant communities, including our own. We know that a people-first approach to community-building means better, brighter futures for everyone.

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Leading a Responsible Business

Strong corporate governance and responsible business practices are designed to maintain our position as a leader. Implementing and tracking ESG considerations is embedded in our strategy, with increased disclosure against relevant reporting frameworks.

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Our Previous Impact Reports

Our previous Corporate Social Responsibility Reports offer an opportunity to see how our impact has grown over the years.

Questions About Our ESG Report?