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June 2023 Construction Update

If you’ve taken a peek at our on-site construction cameras lately, you’ll have seen how much has changed at Auberge on the Park this spring.

Auberge & Auberge II

Auberge on the Park is rapidly achieving milestone after milestone as construction continues on-site. The teams are making significant strides each week, diligently preparing the first two towers for occupancy this summer.

The building envelope is nearly complete. The windows have been installed up to the Mechanical Penthouse and Main Roof, with just a few more sections to go. Balcony railings are substantially complete up to the 45th and 29th floor for Auberge I and II, respectively.

Inside the suites, kitchens have been installed up to the 22nd floor, countertop and backsplash installations have reached the 15nd floor, and flooring has been installed up to the 16th floor.

The grand two-storey lobby and amenity spaces are also being diligently worked on, with the millwork nearly complete, and other finishing work soon to follow. As more colours, textures and accessories enter the spaces, these areas will soon come to life as welcoming and luxurious spaces for residents to enjoy.

On our last visit, our Customer Care teams were also on site, familiarizing themselves with the building and amenity spaces, preparing for PDIs to begin.

Beyond the towers themselves, our teams are hard at work making sure the entire community is ready and welcoming before occupancies begin in July. The central park and community landscaping are nearly complete, and there has been great progress on the streetscaping and community accents as well.

Additionally, a new signalized traffic intersection is currently being installed at Leslie St. and Inn on the Park Drive, allowing for entry into the Auberge on the Park community to be more accessible and convenient for residents and visitors.

Chateau Auberge on the Park

Chateau Auberge on the Park, the third and final phase of this community, is also making steady progress as forming work for the 19th floor takes place, with walls reaching up to the 20th floor. Not far behind, rough-in plumbing and electrical work are underway throughout the building.

Precast work across the podium is approximately 90% complete and window installations have recently commenced. With this, the detailing along the podium façade is starting to become more apparent. Work on the interior stud partitions is scheduled to begin shortly, further shaping the interior spaces of the Chateau community.

As the community continues to climb, the hallmark architectural features of the Auberge community will begin to take shape on the exterior façade. Occupancy for Chateau is anticipated to begin in spring 2024.

Stay tuned for further community updates as this exceptional vision comes to life.

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